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NOTEBOOKS – in the CLOUD – It’s more then just NOTES

I have a few times talked about Notebooks in the cloud and I have really only used the WEB application to quickly put something down so I could view and review later at home or the office.  I recently installed the desktop application for Evernote and started doing a little more research and found out just how powerful this tool really is.  If nothing else you need remember that these documents you create are FULLY SEARCHABLE – even notes that you scan or take a picture of!  Yes you can scan a document, put it in Evernote and your able to search that document.  Two other great features if you have the application or plugins working you can mark anything and add it as a note, you can also send an email to your account and it becomes a note.  Sorting is based on Notebook name and/or tags, plus search.

Evernote posted a great little article for STUDENTS – this is more for University students, but HS kids with Notebook in the classroom should be able to benefit as well.

For sure this can apply to anyone sitting at home or in an office.  With most business computers being locked down so you can’t install software, but that is OK because whatever you do at home on your desktop is SYNC‘d with the WEB and you can access the WEB version of your notes anywhere.

10 Evernote Tips For School – Education Series

10 Great Ways Students Can Use Evernote to Study Smarter, Not Harder.

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Apple Announcement – NEW MACBook AIR

The announcement had other items, but the MACBook AIR needed a refresh and got one!  This is not a work horse notebook, but it does look great and has a battery that never stops! 

The first day was filled with just spec’s and details, the 2nd day was filled with comments and a number of negative pieces – Negative PRESS a day after

Both models will have Intel Core 2 Duo processors starting at 1.4 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics cards and come standard with 2 GB of RAM (expandable to 4GB). The 11.6″ model boasts a screen resolution of 1366×768 while the 13.3″ model goes to 1440×900. Both come with flash storage: the 11.6″ MacBook Air with 64GB base and the 13.3″ model with 128GB.   READ FULL ARTICLE

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OPEN BOX – What is it? How does it work? What do I lose? How much do I SAVE!

When talking to Technology Coordinators within K12 Educational market place, most have not heard the term before and that is understandable as CDI is one of only a very few that markets this type of product.

If your purchasing product direct from DELL or from a reseller without talking to CDI
Money that you can spend on other projects or increase the quantity of the current buy!
Tell me WHY wouldn’t you want to talk to CDI and give us a TEST DRIVE!


DELL OPEN BOX solutions are Desktops, Notebooks and Netbooks that are current products from DELL that come with a full DELL Standard Warranty.  These products have been sent out to a client and returned back to DELL for some reason or another.

– these might have been at a large retailer and after 3 months returned for credit
– Large corporate customer who purchases a large quantity, only to figure out they didn’t need them all


We purchase the product from DELL at a discount and offer that pricing to our K12 customers.  Once you purchase the product either you or CDI can transfer the ownership and Warranty to you as the new owner of the product.  (A simple WEB Interface form)  Everything else is as if you purchased the product direct from DELL.


You lose nothing by purchasing CDI DELL Openbox – Current product / DELL Warranty.  The only thing you might consider losing is your flexibility of customizing a unit with everything you want.  These systems come to CDI pre-configured based on the original purchase requirement.  We can certainly do upgrades, but a number of core items cannot be changed.


The price savings  range from 15-25%, but in some cases I have seen a 50% difference in pricing.  This depends on quantity, type of product and demand.  The lower end products have a smaller savings where the high-end offering have a larger savings.

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RECALL – Toshiba Satellite Notebooks

Did you hear…   41,000 Notebooks to be recalled by Toshiba due to a fire hazard….

Hoping you don’t have these on hand….

The notebooks affected include the Satellite T135, Satellite T135D, and the Satellite Pro T130

They have an option to download a BIOS update that will tell you if your machine is one that might overheat.


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