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Security – Protecting your HOTMAIL / LIVE Account

Hackers getting into your email account and causing problems have been in the news a lot lately, I have not been invected, but I know of others that have.  Recently Microsoft put into place many ways of keeping your account free from hackers and if you are not using them, you should be.

Windows LIVE BLOG has a great article detailing  the different methods as well as a new Wizard to help you get your account back if it has been hacked.

Protecting your Hotmail account from theft


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Security – FACEBOOK – Secure browsing with HTTPS

Another step in the right direction by adding HTTPS support for Facebook.  This is a feature you have to TURN on in your settings.

This is a must as people are targeting Facebook for more and more attacks, this will not end that, but it will make it more difficult.


Under Account Settings

Account Security

SECURE BROWSING – CHECK box – Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible.


By putting this in place you will communicate using SSL encryption keeping you safe on Wi-FI Networks.

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EMAIL – Facebook Email Coming!

Would you move to Facebook email if the product is polished and works well?

Currently the new user to the internet or smartphone market are typically using their internet provider emails.  Others are using Hotmail, Livemail, Google, Yahoo and a few others.  Most of these people are using Facebook though!

I have a few different email addresses for different priority and uses, but i can’t see myself moving to Facebook as my primary email address.  One key reason would be I would have no access to that email at work since I don’t have Facebook access as many others in business.  I would also be a little concerned about the security and privacy of those emails because of Facebook’s history and a number of recent issues they have had. 

What will you do!

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Facebook – Security – Kids & Parents – What you need to know and DO!

 We all know Facebook can be a great resource, lots of fun and a great method to stay in touch with friends, family and classmates from years ago.  The truth is Facebook can be a very dangerous place for not only kids, but everyone!  This is a social community and there are good and bad in all communities.

Every teacher and parent have to educate our young and make sure they are not on the wrong side of the street or are the one’s being taken advantage of in any way.  There has been many stories of all sorts of negative stuff happening on Facebook concerning the young.

For teachers and Parents to educate kids, they have to understand what it is all about. They need to know how kids are using this tool, how they may be taken advantage of and all the other dangers they are exposed to online.

I will dedicate a page on my BLOG with resources and information around this very important topic – A great start is the following article.

TODAY – a great paper was released called – A Parents Guide to Facebook

What are the risks involved in social networking?

Youth-risk research has recently made five important findings:

  1. Young people who behave aggressively online are more than twice as likely to be victimized online, so children’s own behavior in Facebook or any social site is key to their well-being on the social Web.
  2. The most common risk young people face online is peer harassment or aggression – in other words hurtful, harassing, or defamatory behavior.
  3. A child’s psychosocial makeup and environment (for example, home and school) are better predictors of risk than any technology that the child uses, so…
  4. Not all children are equally at risk online, and the children who are most at risk online are those who are most at risk in “real life,” or offline
  5. Although, for the vast majority of youth, online social networking is largely a reflection of offline life, it can also amplify, perpetuate and widely distribute real-life problems or conflicts – very rapidly. Something posted in anger or on impulse is extremely difficult to take back, so it has never been more important for users (of any age) to think before they “speak,” post, or send a text message.

 Specific social networking risks include…

● Posting information about themselves that: a) could help strangers determine their physical location; b) could be used to manipulate them; or c) whether posted by them or others, could cause psychological harm or jeopardize reputations and future prospects

Harassment or online bullying (“cyberbullying”) on the part of your children or others’

● Spending too much time online, losing a sense of balance in their activities (“too much” is subjective, which is why parents need to be engaged)

● Exposure to inappropriate content (this too is subjective), although typically worse content can be found out on the Web at large than in Facebook or other responsible social networking sites

● Potential for inappropriate contact with adults (parents need to ensure that social networking does not lead to offline contact unapproved by them and other caring adults in their children’s lives)

● Damage to reputation or future prospects because of young people’s own behavior or that of their peers – unkind or angry posts, compromising photos or videos, or group conflict depicted in text and imagery.


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Security – Wi-Fi – 28% of Wireless Networks are OPEN!

If this article does not make you take the time to secure your Wireless network at home, then I don’t know what will.  A huge amount of people have wireless networks and a large portion of these people have not turned on any security, some of turned off default settings like passwords because they don’t understand!

Take a read of the article and then go home and make sure your network is secure!

Chances are you don’t leave your front door unlocked. And you shouldn’t leave your Wi-Fi network unsecured either.

Many of you may have heard this before, but many still seem to not be doing anything about it. You should. Here’s why. With a $50 wireless antenna and the right software a criminal hacker located outside your building as far as a mile away can capture passwords, e-mail messages, and any other data being transmitted over your network, and even decrypt data that is supposedly protected

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NEW GEN Job Seekers – What they expect!

How things change and quickly – We really need to make sure we are teaching some real life expectations – kids are going to be shocked when they get out in the work force – They can’t install any software, can’t read Hotmail or Gmail, can’t get on their favorite web site like Facebook, Twitter and the list continues……

Many claim that millennials have entitlement issues.  Six Minutes did a nice job on a piece they did title: The Millennials Are Coming.  In that article they stated: You now have a generation coming into the workplace that has grown up with the expectation that they will automatically win, and they’ll always be rewarded, even for just showing up.  

In another interesting article by ere.net, the following questions were actually asked by millennials in job interviews.  

  • If I don’t like my boss, how can I get that changed?
  • How many hours per day will I be expected to work?
  • Do you allow the use of Facebook?
  • If I don’t like my pay, who do I talk to about fixing that?
  • If we do reading for the job, can we do it at the gym during work hours?
  • Who will be my mentor and coach while I’m learning my new job?
  • What does the company do to make work fun?

I can see where this is coming from, but it’s hard to believe these expectation would be asked in an interview…..

ENTIRE ARTICLE – Millennial Job-Seekers Have Unique Expectations

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Technology & Social Media as Educational tools

I am sure many teachers have some boring topics that have to be taught, but they know the kids are off thinking about something else when they are trying to teach it.   Well we also know if you use what the kids are interested in and using daily, they will get involved and the information will stick.  The results can be very surprising!

Found an article today where a teacher used (sort of) MySpace and/or Facebook project to teach a very boring topic of trying to introduce an authors background before moving to reading a book.

Before reading a piece of classic literature, I always like to give background on the author. Before reading “The Tell-Tale Heart” I do a small lesson on the back ground of Edgar Allan Poe that details his tragic life and times. My goal is for the students to tie the author’s personal experiences to the literary term “author’s purpose”, but I didn’t know of a great way to do this. Usually, I would copy off a page of information about the author, we would read it together, and that was that. Students would wander during the reading and zone out, not interested at all in the boring piece I had revamped from the encyclopedia or photo-copied out of our literature book. The students were not retaining and certainly not caring about the author’s background. 
I am sure there are many other lesson plans that could be created using the technology the kids use, you have to be creative and take the time to get involved in today’s technology.   This article with the changes to MySpace that just happened, might be a little out of date – for the above exercise you would today be better served using Facebook.
Simple exercise my daughters 6th grade teacher put into place was a BLOG (FREE) for the classroom.  He had a student each day post something on the blog, usually about the days activities.  This exposed the kids to a BLOG, it got them thinking about the day and it also get them writing something that everyone else could see – including their parents.  He also used the blog as a method to communicate home work, projects and special dates that the students or parents could review at home.  I thought this was a great idea! 
FREE Blog Services – You’re in one currently called WordPress.com, it takes about 10 minutes to set up the blog, then you start posting.  Another service is Google’s BLOGGER, again very easy and both are FREE.

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Protect your PC and DATA – simple steps to stay safe!

Some simple steps to take today to protect your family data and computers from the ever-increasing threat of infections….

1) Install anti-virus / spyware software – but remember you have to keep these up to date

2) Update your software – Setup up Microsoft Auto update and keep everything current.

3) Use strong passwords and keep them secret (14 characters long, using letters, numbers and symbols)

4) Never turn off your Firewall on your computer

5) Setup your router in a secure method to stop people using your bandwidth, but also keep people out of your network.

6) Use Flash drives carefully – Make sure any key your using, you know where it has been

7) Don’t download malware

  • Be very cautious about opening attachments or clicking links in email or IM, or in posts on social networks (like Facebook)—even if you know the sender. Call to ask if a friend sent it; if not, delete it or close the IM window.

  • Avoid clicking Agree, OK, or I accept in banner ads, in unexpected pop-up windows or warnings, on websites that may not seem legitimate, or in offers to remove spyware or viruses.

    • Instead, press CTRL + F4 on your keyboard.
    • If that doesn’t close the window, press ALT + F4 on your keyboard to close the browser. If asked, close all tabs and don’t save any tabs for the next time you start the browser.
  • Only download software from websites you trust. Be cautious of “free” offers of music, games, videos, and the like. They are notorious for including malware in the download

  • Get the full article from Microsoft with full details on each topic

    How to boost your malware defense and protect your PC

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    Facebook & LINKS – Malware – Spam – Profanity

    It is sad to say, but makes total sense…that hackers would attack Facebook.  A report released yesterday indicated that 10% of all LINKS on Facebook are a risk for Malware, spam and Profanity.  They have indicated that 40% of the posts on Facebook include links and these people are taking advantage where they get the most bang for the buck – the Stars and large corporations that have a presence on the site.  Facebook is not alone in this regard, many other social locations are also targets.

    “No matter how careful you are, today’s Internet user is usually only two short clicks away from malicious content and an infected computer or network,” said Charles Renert, senior director, Security Research for Websense.

    “Cybercriminals are increasingly more ingenious in developing robust systems for enticing users to malicious sites. As Web and social media become more essential in the workplace, companies need information security protection technology that allows flexible Web use and keeps their content secure with real-time inspection.”  –

    Internet Users Are Only Two Clicks Away from Malicious Content

    Some very interesting numbers published about data related to Malware – Spam and Profanity by celebrities and business Facebook accounts.   Malware, spam in 10 per cent of Facebook links

    Itbusiness.ca has a little spreadsheet tool that steps you through the process of setting up your Facebook account in the most secure fashion.  If nothing else you should be letting everyone know about this tool and make sure you sit down with your kids accounts and set them up correctly to allow for the most secure Facebook experience.  ITBusiness.ca’s Facebook security and privacy hardening tool

    Other articles:

    Social networks teeming with spam and malware

    The dirty Web is getting dirtier. Today 95 per cent of user comments in blogs, chat rooms, message boards and other social forums are actually spam or links to malware, research shows.

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    Facebook or not!

    Like most of you with kids I had the issue of “should I let her on Facebook or not”  With the age limit of 13 plus with Facebook, which I am sure is not followed…  There is an alternative to kids who want to do what their older sisters, brothers and parents are doing on Facebook.

    SOMETHING TO REMEMBER – Kids are smart and they may have two personalities on Facebook – They one you see and the one you don’t.  Always take note and make sure you look over your kids shoulder every little while to make sure your not being duped.

    TOGETHERVILLE – this is for kids under 13 and they have done some upgrades to allow for better connection to friends.  This also answers a lot of questions for parents as they have complete control on who becomes friends as well as other features.

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