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Security – Protecting your HOTMAIL / LIVE Account

Hackers getting into your email account and causing problems have been in the news a lot lately, I have not been invected, but I know of others that have.  Recently Microsoft put into place many ways of keeping your account free from hackers and if you are not using them, you should be.

Windows LIVE BLOG has a great article detailing  the different methods as well as a new Wizard to help you get your account back if it has been hacked.

Protecting your Hotmail account from theft


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Security – Hotmail – LIVE – Aliases Email Accounts – SIMPLE!

WHY – I am sure many of you ask that question.  Well I can see this being very useful, since I am maintaining a few BLOGS and am trying to review certain applications and WEB apps – I find myself signing up for many services and getting tons of emails because of it.

davAPPTESTING@hotmail.com – what a great email address for all those registration I am doing.  They arrive you put them in a folder and deal with them, they don’t mess up my primary inbox and I can turn off that alias at any time.  (Not a real email address, might be)

I can see myself doing this for any WEB sights that I am registering for moving forward, I can see myself  changing many others to the new alias, much easier than having two or three different email addresses.

Starting today, you can create and manage multiple email aliases from a single Hotmail account. Together with features that we introduced in November that let you use Hotmail with any existing email address, the new aliasing feature makes it easy to use a different email address and still get all the benefits of Hotmail without having to change your primary email address and online identity.

The email address a person uses is a big part of their online identity. The average person maintains three different email addresses in order to organize different types of email, maintain different personas, or keep junk mail away from a primary email address. So there are many good reasons that people want multiple email addresses, but maintaining multiple accounts, with different user names and passwords that require you to check multiple inboxes, is inefficient. With today’s update, Hotmail helps you save time by making it easier to manage your current and future email addresses in one place.


Hotmail delivers aliases to help you manage and secure your email account

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EMAIL – Manage your Personal Email – Get control Quickly!

As you move forward and use the internet more and more, you also register and sign up for all types of services and web sites.  By doing this you open yourself to email overload as you get emails from every one of these companies you registered with.

Would it not be great if you could arrange to have these emails plugged into a folder and not fill your inbox.  Well all email services like Hotmail, Live, Google, Yahoo mail all have filters that you can create to move these emails to folders – but you have to do the work!

There is new SERVICE that will quickly do that organization for you.  You create your folders and quickly create the relationship between email and folder on the WEB.  Currently the service works with Gmail and Yahoo – I have asked when and if other services will be added.  You get a summary email indicating which emails have been moved, it will also make suggestions on new emails you receive.

CNET Article and Review – OtherinBox

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EMAIL – Facebook Email Coming!

Would you move to Facebook email if the product is polished and works well?

Currently the new user to the internet or smartphone market are typically using their internet provider emails.  Others are using Hotmail, Livemail, Google, Yahoo and a few others.  Most of these people are using Facebook though!

I have a few different email addresses for different priority and uses, but i can’t see myself moving to Facebook as my primary email address.  One key reason would be I would have no access to that email at work since I don’t have Facebook access as many others in business.  I would also be a little concerned about the security and privacy of those emails because of Facebook’s history and a number of recent issues they have had. 

What will you do!

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NEW GEN Job Seekers – What they expect!

How things change and quickly – We really need to make sure we are teaching some real life expectations – kids are going to be shocked when they get out in the work force – They can’t install any software, can’t read Hotmail or Gmail, can’t get on their favorite web site like Facebook, Twitter and the list continues……

Many claim that millennials have entitlement issues.  Six Minutes did a nice job on a piece they did title: The Millennials Are Coming.  In that article they stated: You now have a generation coming into the workplace that has grown up with the expectation that they will automatically win, and they’ll always be rewarded, even for just showing up.  

In another interesting article by ere.net, the following questions were actually asked by millennials in job interviews.  

  • If I don’t like my boss, how can I get that changed?
  • How many hours per day will I be expected to work?
  • Do you allow the use of Facebook?
  • If I don’t like my pay, who do I talk to about fixing that?
  • If we do reading for the job, can we do it at the gym during work hours?
  • Who will be my mentor and coach while I’m learning my new job?
  • What does the company do to make work fun?

I can see where this is coming from, but it’s hard to believe these expectation would be asked in an interview…..

ENTIRE ARTICLE – Millennial Job-Seekers Have Unique Expectations

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