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Educate – Kids today to Save them from themselves Later! Energy Drinks & Alcohol

This is for sure not a technology post, but I believe it’s important.

For most of you this is not a reality yet as the kids your might be dealing with are hopefully too young to be drinking alcohol.  They can certainly get energy drinks and this should also be limited and controlled.   Habits started today will continue when they can drink alcohol and they will!

I have tried a few energy drinks – just to try…  I have heard about Alcoholic Energy Drinks and always thought it was a bad combination.  Well the FDA is looking at this currently as there has been a number of deaths due to the consumption of this type of product.  This I had not heard about till I read the New York Times article – F.D.A. Expected to Act on Alcoholic Energy Drinks.

This is great news that they are moving forward, though a number of experts believe too slow in doing something about it.  Well truly it has to be only the START of the process,  I say this because kids will be kids and they will buy the two products and do the mixing themselves.  I was at an event a few months ago at a BAR and guess what was served up as an optional mix for your alcohol You guessed it – A ENERGY DRINK – you mix it and drink it!

Stopping the Alcoholic version is not going to solve anything – once again kids will be kids and all we can do is make sure they are aware and hopefully they make the right decisions.  I guess we can make it harder to got the product – I would think any store on campus should not be selling Energy Drinks, but again as with everything else – they will get it somewhere.

New York Times article – F.D.A. Expected to Act on Alcoholic Energy Drinks.

Education – Education and knowledge is what our kids need!


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Too GOOD to be TRUE – Believe it! – Cheap Software – Microsoft – Symantec – Adobe

The old saying is true when it comes to software!  Yes I believe Microsoft charges too much for their software, but the demand is their – just look at there financial report!

The good news if you can’t afford to purchase a Microsoft package, there are lots of other options and a lot of FREE one’s available to you today.  Rather then getting a HOT copy of Office, use open office, Windows LIVE Apps or Google Apps etc.

WHY would you want to do this – Because 35% of the pirated software out there is going to do a lot more to your system and your privacy then you really want.  You see believe it or not the CARTEL you know those people who control the drug trade have found software piracy very lucrative at very little risk, plus the bonus of hacking into your systems for more ways of making money from you the user. 

The other thing to remember is that the software might not be a great deal, you may look at the price and think it’s the real thing just a few $$ cheaper.  Well make sure your buying from a well-known store or WEB as these copies the Cartel are selling look real – right down to boxing and CD.

Buyer be aware….

The New York Times ran a long article around Microsoft and chasing Pirates

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Text Books – Surprise – Surprise – Students want Paper!

Reading the following article from the New York Times I was surprised so many kids are not looking at E-books, but would rather carry 10lbs book around the campus.  It is for sure a change in mind-set and study habits even for kids who use technology all day long.  Some of the comments made did surprise me a little.

Similarly I started listening to audio books a few years ago and I love it today.  I started to do this not because of the technology, but because I just couldn’t find the time to read a paperback.  This allowed me to continue doing something I loved, it was something I had to get used to and it is a different experience.  My daughter who has grown up with technology love’s to read and wants to have the physical book in her hand, she don’t want to listen to or use an E-reader – though she has not tried either and at this point she doesn’t want to even try it.

According to the National Association of College Stores, digital books make up just under 3 percent of textbook sales, although the association expects that share to grow to 10 percent to 15 percent by 2012 as more titles are made available as e-books.

In two recent studies — one by the association and another by the Student Public Interest Research Groups, a national advocacy network — three-quarters of the students surveyed said they still preferred a bound book to a digital version.

Many students are reluctant to give up the ability to flip quickly between chapters, write in the margins and highlight passages, although new software applications are beginning to allow students to use e-textbooks that way.


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