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Too GOOD to be TRUE – Believe it! – Cheap Software – Microsoft – Symantec – Adobe

The old saying is true when it comes to software!  Yes I believe Microsoft charges too much for their software, but the demand is their – just look at there financial report!

The good news if you can’t afford to purchase a Microsoft package, there are lots of other options and a lot of FREE one’s available to you today.  Rather then getting a HOT copy of Office, use open office, Windows LIVE Apps or Google Apps etc.

WHY would you want to do this – Because 35% of the pirated software out there is going to do a lot more to your system and your privacy then you really want.  You see believe it or not the CARTEL you know those people who control the drug trade have found software piracy very lucrative at very little risk, plus the bonus of hacking into your systems for more ways of making money from you the user. 

The other thing to remember is that the software might not be a great deal, you may look at the price and think it’s the real thing just a few $$ cheaper.  Well make sure your buying from a well-known store or WEB as these copies the Cartel are selling look real – right down to boxing and CD.

Buyer be aware….

The New York Times ran a long article around Microsoft and chasing Pirates


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Microsoft in the CLOUD – OFFICE Web Based & Hosted – OFFICE 365

Being that Office is huge portion of Microsoft revenue – this is something that is a bit of surprise, but really they had no choice in the matter.  This is where the market and competition is taking everyone….

OFFICE 365 is the new name.

Educators – Watch out as there is an educational version of this coming out as well – Same product, just with educational pricing.  You should see this coming earlier next year.

What is Office 365, beyond the new release of BPOS, Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite? 

Office 365 includes a new SMB version of what’s currently called BPOS; an enterprise version of BPOS v2; a new government version of BPOS (which is currently known as BPOS Federal); and a refresh of the student/education-focused Live@Edu offering. All of these are supposed to be out by next year.

 Some great information from someone’s opinion I have always trusted – ZCNet – Mary-Jo Foley

Ten more tidbits on Microsoft’s new Office 365 cloud play

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Which CAMP are you in – LIVE@Edu or Google Apps?

Which one are you using, if you’re not are you thinking about it?  This is huge market for both companies and is very important as trends and habits start at this level.

The war to win over educational institutions for the cloud is getting heated. Productivity suite rivals Microsoft and Google are battling it out to see who can be the go-to provider for a cloud-based email platform for universities and colleges across the U.S. Google Apps, which currently has 8 million users, is slightly behind Microsoft’s 11 million users of Live@edu. But the race is still a close one considering that individual deployments can include hundreds of thousands of users.  FULL STORY

Love to hear what you’re using – if your planning or not planning and why?

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