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OFFICE in the SKY – Teacher Guides

I have posted about Microsoft Office live in the past.  This allows you to create / Edit and print your office documents in the Cloud.  It can be used with Office or on its own. 

It is great when anyone has different version of Office and need to work together.  If you running Office 2003 at home and your School or Office is running 2007 or 2010 – why not use Office live.  You get Storage (Skydrive 25G) – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote to use and share as any document can be shared with others online.  This becomes a great tool when multiple people are working on a project!

All you need is a Windows live ID – Hotmail, LIVE, MSN etc…

There are also teacher guides for Bing, Windows Live Movie Maker, and other free tools. In addition, there’s a lesson plans database.

Office Web Apps are available free through Windows Live SkyDrive. All you need is a Windows Live ID, which you may already have through Microsoft Hotmail, Messenger, Xbox Live, the Partners in Learning network, or other Windows Live services.

For a sneak peak at the videos offered on www.microsoft.com/education, take a look at this video about the OneNote Web App. It’s completely directed at teachers and how they can use the OneNote Web App both inside and outside the classroom.

FULL ARTICLE – The Microsoft Office Blog – Teachers guides for Office WEB Apps


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Microsoft OFFICE365 for EDUCATION!

Its official!

I’m excited about the announcement of Office365 for education, which represents the evolution of Live@edu, and provides a game-changing opportunity for education in cloud computing. Office 365 for education builds off of the great platform we’ve established with Live@edu to provide a better experience for communication, collaboration, and productivity tools for education institutions of all types…while saving costs and delivering a great connected experience for students and educators.

In addition to providing an Exchange Online, Outlook and Office Web Apps solution, we will be expanding the portfolio to include SharePoint Online, Lync Online, and Office Professional Plus. Office 365 for education will include the same services available in Office 365 for enterprises…but specifically tailored to meet the needs of educators, students, and education partners. It will have the same uptime commitment, backed up by a service level agreement, as enterprises. You can learn more about the new offering here.

The cloud without compromise…introducing Office 365 for education

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Microsoft in the CLOUD – OFFICE Web Based & Hosted – OFFICE 365

Being that Office is huge portion of Microsoft revenue – this is something that is a bit of surprise, but really they had no choice in the matter.  This is where the market and competition is taking everyone….

OFFICE 365 is the new name.

Educators – Watch out as there is an educational version of this coming out as well – Same product, just with educational pricing.  You should see this coming earlier next year.

What is Office 365, beyond the new release of BPOS, Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite? 

Office 365 includes a new SMB version of what’s currently called BPOS; an enterprise version of BPOS v2; a new government version of BPOS (which is currently known as BPOS Federal); and a refresh of the student/education-focused Live@Edu offering. All of these are supposed to be out by next year.

 Some great information from someone’s opinion I have always trusted – ZCNet – Mary-Jo Foley

Ten more tidbits on Microsoft’s new Office 365 cloud play

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Microsoft Rolls Up Cloud Services Into Office 365, Takes Aim At Google Apps (via TechCrunch)

Might be interesting – we will have to wait and see!  More and more applications are moving to the cloud with 24×7 access – anywhere – anytime.

Microsoft Rolls Up Cloud Services Into Office 365, Takes Aim At Google Apps Today at an event in San Francisco, Microsoft’s Office division is unveiling a new product: a suite of the company’s productivity services called Office 365. Before now, Microsoft’s business-facing cloud services have been broken up in a few places: SharePoint, Lync Online, Exchange, and Office web apps. Office 365 looks to unify these. Microsoft SVP Chris Capossela says “This is everything we know about productivity brought to the cloud”. The me … Read More

via TechCrunch

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OFFICE in the cloud – Microsoft Office WEB APPS

What a great tool to have available, if you have not looked at Windows OFFICE WEB APPS – your missing out on a great product.  Want to open an excel sheet or Word doc, but the computer your on doesn’t have office – no prob – use Office WEB APPS.

This is great tool for kids that don’t have office at home – they are working on School computers with OFFICE, they can then save their work on SkyDrive and at home they can open the document in the cloud using OFFICE WEB APPS.  No USB keys (security risks for the school and student)  Can’t say they misplaced the USB key etc.  You need to work from home but you don’t have Office – work in the cloud and have 25G of space to save your documents for FREE.  These APPS are very good and Microsoft looks like they want to be in the game.  The product has been available for 100 days – 20 million people later and two updates already in less than 4 months – This is not the OLD Microsoft that normally takes a year or more to do an update.

Office serves over 20 million people on the web

Products you should be looking at from Microsoft today….  Just because…..

Security EssentialsAntiVirus

Windows Live Essentials

SKYDRIVE – 25G of cloud Storage FREE

 Windows Live Mesh – Sync files and folders between multiple computers and/or 5G of cloud storage

Explorer 9 BETA – talk about fast……  Who needs Chrome or Firefox

These products offer so much value and they are good – so many uses to make your computing experience so much easier.

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