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Smartphones – Microsoft & Nokia JOIN FORCES!

Two huge companies are getting into bed together to go against the NEW leaders in the smart phone arena. If these two very large companies do it right, I would think that both Apple and Google are going to have a fight on their hands… but will they – Can they?  To this point neither have shown themselves to be quick to market – Reason for them joining together!

The other questions is how long before we see product, Iphone 5 is coming, new Android O/S coming – things are changing quickly and can these players get into the game in time?  Microsoft already took too long to get into the mix, though they did bring a great product to market – one that people should be looking at as an alternative.



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Smartphone – Windows Phone 7 – Couple days later!

I love the media – really! 

They love to have headlines to attract readers and most of the headlines today are negative on the sales to date of Microsoft Phone 7.  Some of the numbers being mentioned is only 40K units sold to date – that would be North America (US & Canada).

I believe the uptake will be slower today

1) The market is a much different world then when the iPhone was announced

2) Since the iPhone many other manufactures have come to market, so a lot of the early adopters have already invested in a phone with a contract period

3) Economically there is a huge difference, the world has gone through some difficult times the last year or so and most are still be very careful.

When you put all these things together, the growth of Windows Phone 7 will be one that grows over time.  They have a wonderful product with some really cool features you don’t find on anything today.  There application store is growing daily, but it will take time to build quality titles.

Just give it time!

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Famous for a DAY! BING picture Contest Winner…

It’s over and the winner has been picked!  Most likely you’re not the winning person, but you can enjoy all the top pics in a Windows 7 THEME – meaning you can have a screen saver with the best of the best submitted.

WINNING PHOTO – I guess you really can’t knock this picture it is amazing!

Windows Live + Bing photo contest winner announced

Bing Homepage Contest Winner

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Windows Phone 7 REVIEWS – Something to watch!

Though this is not specific to the K12 arena – I thought alot of Tech people might find value in this information.

I believe this review was done wonderfully, he touched on almost everything and seemed to be very open.

I loved this piece about iPhone and kids –

Notifications — that is, alerts that pop up to tell you whats going on in various places around the device, such as when you get a text or an IM — are something that everyone in the mobile world does differently. Android does it quite gloriously, with a pull down drawer that hangs out on top of the screen, storing all of your recent notifications for one-click access to their respective applications.

The iPhone, on the other hand, alerts you much in the way a child would: it runs into the room, shouts what it has to say (by throwing an alert window at you, thereby interrupting whatever you’re doing), and then runs off to do something else and pretty much forgets it ever said anything.

Windows Phone 7′s notification system is somewhere between the two. Notifications pop up at the top of the screen, appearing where the status bar usually sits. Tap the notification, and you’ll jump to the app that pushed it. It won’t pause or otherwise interrupt what you’re doing — but it also doesn’t let you manage recent notifications that you didn’t address as they came in. It’s cleaner than the iPhone’s seemingly tacked-on system, but not nearly as handy as Android’s drawer.  MobileCrunch Full Article

If you have the time you should review the comments, you learn almost as much from those as you do the article itself. As I was reading I thought the same as many of the people making the comments – the NEGATIVE items are either coming or really just doesn’t matter to the typical smartphone user.

Another review that is not bad, but he forgets to mention that the things missing either will be coming very soon, or for most users it just doesn’t matter just like above…. CIO REVIEW

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