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Security – Anti-Virus CLONES INFECTING your System – You don’t even know it!

The hackers are getting very good at making us look silly by making their hacks look like real software, a real Microsoft Window or software Window – you hit OK and that is when you get infected.  I have had  a few people get infected this way and it’s not easy to fix.  Anyone can fall for this and have!  What makes these so difficult for the typical user is that it stops you from running your REAL anti-virus software or getting on the internet at all except to a specific page asking for money to solve your issue.

HOW-TO GEEK had a great article today that showed a few screen shots of those Hacks as well as a few solutions to solve your issue.  Like I have they have had many articles around this issue and they have included links in the article if you wanted to read more.  On my BLOG if you look at Security FOLDER at the top, I have my posts listed.

TAKE A READ – interesting stuff!

Here’s a Super Simple Trick to Defeating Fake Anti-Virus Malware


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Security – ROGUE – WIN32/Fakeinit – SCAM – Security Essentials 2011 Appears

This scam is still making the rounds and has had a name change from 2010 to 2011, just like the real product from Microsoft.  The rogue security software wants you to believe it’s an anti-virus software from Microsoft.  It then tells you in order to protect your system you need to purchase the product.   Your opening up your system and at the same time giving sensitive information away!

The Microsoft product is FREE and it’s works great, you just have  to make sure you are getting the right product.  I guess the best method if you wanted to use or switch to this product is going directly to Microsoft.com and downloading.  You should never accept an email or other methods where your directed to a site that you really have no idea about.  If you ever want to download something, don’t use the link, but go directly to the source – at least you will be cutting down your exposure.  Go to my Download page for LINKS directly to Microsoft!

Another great method is do some research first before downloading anything.  Your on the WEB – read about the product before moving forward – you should be able to find some good information – It might change your mind if you see negative responses or it might push you forward.

The screen shot of the rogue software is:

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Facebook & LINKS – Malware – Spam – Profanity

It is sad to say, but makes total sense…that hackers would attack Facebook.  A report released yesterday indicated that 10% of all LINKS on Facebook are a risk for Malware, spam and Profanity.  They have indicated that 40% of the posts on Facebook include links and these people are taking advantage where they get the most bang for the buck – the Stars and large corporations that have a presence on the site.  Facebook is not alone in this regard, many other social locations are also targets.

“No matter how careful you are, today’s Internet user is usually only two short clicks away from malicious content and an infected computer or network,” said Charles Renert, senior director, Security Research for Websense.

“Cybercriminals are increasingly more ingenious in developing robust systems for enticing users to malicious sites. As Web and social media become more essential in the workplace, companies need information security protection technology that allows flexible Web use and keeps their content secure with real-time inspection.”  –

Internet Users Are Only Two Clicks Away from Malicious Content

Some very interesting numbers published about data related to Malware – Spam and Profanity by celebrities and business Facebook accounts.   Malware, spam in 10 per cent of Facebook links

Itbusiness.ca has a little spreadsheet tool that steps you through the process of setting up your Facebook account in the most secure fashion.  If nothing else you should be letting everyone know about this tool and make sure you sit down with your kids accounts and set them up correctly to allow for the most secure Facebook experience.  ITBusiness.ca’s Facebook security and privacy hardening tool

Other articles:

Social networks teeming with spam and malware

The dirty Web is getting dirtier. Today 95 per cent of user comments in blogs, chat rooms, message boards and other social forums are actually spam or links to malware, research shows.

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