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Apple – IPAD more then for GAMES! – REMOTE ACCESS…..

Want to have access to your home PC, your work PC (might be a little difficult) – Well for FREE you can set up your PC, download a single AP from the AP store and your almost ready to run your PC software, view your files etc…

Great VIDEO demonstration from itbusiness believe it or not.

Video Rewind: Turn your iPad into a remote desktop connection


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Remote Access Options

Your Superintendent is home working on a report due the next day and something goes wrong with the system, he calls you – What are you going to do. 

Well I came across an article that gave a bunch of options for remote access that are Free but simple to use.

5 Ways To Remotely Connect a Computer Over The Internet

If you try any of these, let me know what you think?

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HP Expands it’s Switching products

Lots of districts have BLADE servers and many more are thinking of moving forward with this type of technology in your data center.  HP has just updated their Blade Server Switches and ProCurve products.

FULL DETAILS – CIO – HP Extends Data Center, Campus Ethernet Switches

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