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Security – ROGUE – WIN32/Fakeinit – SCAM – Security Essentials 2011 Appears

This scam is still making the rounds and has had a name change from 2010 to 2011, just like the real product from Microsoft.  The rogue security software wants you to believe it’s an anti-virus software from Microsoft.  It then tells you in order to protect your system you need to purchase the product.   Your opening up your system and at the same time giving sensitive information away!

The Microsoft product is FREE and it’s works great, you just have  to make sure you are getting the right product.  I guess the best method if you wanted to use or switch to this product is going directly to and downloading.  You should never accept an email or other methods where your directed to a site that you really have no idea about.  If you ever want to download something, don’t use the link, but go directly to the source – at least you will be cutting down your exposure.  Go to my Download page for LINKS directly to Microsoft!

Another great method is do some research first before downloading anything.  Your on the WEB – read about the product before moving forward – you should be able to find some good information – It might change your mind if you see negative responses or it might push you forward.

The screen shot of the rogue software is:

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Notebooks – Netbook vs Sub-Notebook for Education Dell 2100 vs Dell D430


  DELL 2100 Netbook DELL D430 Sub-Notebook
Computing Power Limited Usage Computing Full Functioning Computing
Screen Size 10.1” 12.1”
Processor Atom 270N Core 2 Duo 1.2
Keyboard Small Full Size
Memory 1G 2G
Warranty 1YR Dell 3YR CDI
Battery 3 or 6 Cell – Half day Usage NEW 9 Cell – Full Day Usage
Type Open Box Dell Off-Lease


When you’re reviewing products the key to the success of any technology is productivity – You need to have a product that can fulfill many functions, increase productivity and reduce the time it takes to accomplish tasks.   The key limiting factor for a Netbook is the screen real-estate; this doesn’t allow the flexibility of working in multiple environments.  The productivity is compromised because of the increase in scrolling both up and down as well as across.  Please don’t get me wrong, the Netbook just like every other product has a place and is great at what it can do, but in Education and Business it has limitations that have to be consider. 

For our K12 customers the pricing of these two products are the same

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How to Get Free e-Books – Why you want an eReader – Manage your eReader (via Dr. Diane Hamilton’s Blog)

I have been planning on putting something very similar to this post on the blog for sometime, but just have not put all the information together. Why re-create the wheel, this article is very good and has most of the information I wanted to include and then some.

Great post with a lots of information

How to Get Free e-Books Are you considering buying an e-reader but don’t have the money to pay for a lot of e-books?  You might consider going to the library.  Libraries are offering more and more electronic titles.  Keep in mind that certain libraries may not have the ability to download files into specific readers.  I am in Arizona, and the local library here cannot download files for the Kindle or the iPad.  They do offer titles for other readers such as Nook, Sony R … Read More

via Dr. Diane Hamilton’s Blog

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EMAIL – Manage your Personal Email – Get control Quickly!

As you move forward and use the internet more and more, you also register and sign up for all types of services and web sites.  By doing this you open yourself to email overload as you get emails from every one of these companies you registered with.

Would it not be great if you could arrange to have these emails plugged into a folder and not fill your inbox.  Well all email services like Hotmail, Live, Google, Yahoo mail all have filters that you can create to move these emails to folders – but you have to do the work!

There is new SERVICE that will quickly do that organization for you.  You create your folders and quickly create the relationship between email and folder on the WEB.  Currently the service works with Gmail and Yahoo – I have asked when and if other services will be added.  You get a summary email indicating which emails have been moved, it will also make suggestions on new emails you receive.

CNET Article and Review – OtherinBox

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Educate – Kids today to Save them from themselves Later! Energy Drinks & Alcohol

This is for sure not a technology post, but I believe it’s important.

For most of you this is not a reality yet as the kids your might be dealing with are hopefully too young to be drinking alcohol.  They can certainly get energy drinks and this should also be limited and controlled.   Habits started today will continue when they can drink alcohol and they will!

I have tried a few energy drinks – just to try…  I have heard about Alcoholic Energy Drinks and always thought it was a bad combination.  Well the FDA is looking at this currently as there has been a number of deaths due to the consumption of this type of product.  This I had not heard about till I read the New York Times article – F.D.A. Expected to Act on Alcoholic Energy Drinks.

This is great news that they are moving forward, though a number of experts believe too slow in doing something about it.  Well truly it has to be only the START of the process,  I say this because kids will be kids and they will buy the two products and do the mixing themselves.  I was at an event a few months ago at a BAR and guess what was served up as an optional mix for your alcohol You guessed it – A ENERGY DRINK – you mix it and drink it!

Stopping the Alcoholic version is not going to solve anything – once again kids will be kids and all we can do is make sure they are aware and hopefully they make the right decisions.  I guess we can make it harder to got the product – I would think any store on campus should not be selling Energy Drinks, but again as with everything else – they will get it somewhere.

New York Times article – F.D.A. Expected to Act on Alcoholic Energy Drinks.

Education – Education and knowledge is what our kids need!

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Technology used Right! Keep attention – Keep on track – Keep them Alert!

I always like when technology is used and it gives a huge return in kids education.  Yes it means changing the way your lesson plans are presented, yes it means being creative and a little more work in preparation – but doesn’t the end result justify the investment.  It can even make your job of teaching more enjoyable and rewarding when you see more kids staying on track and engaged in the class.  At the end of the day we want the kids to leave school each day with some understanding, some new insight and thinking about and growing in some manner.

I have heard and seen advertising for these clickers for sometime, but never really understood just how valuable these could be.  I thought it was just another technology gimmick!  How could these really be used to keep kids on track and gaining their full attention throughout a lesson.   What a great article that ran today in New York Times, talking about how many Universities are utilizing this technology to do just that!  About half-million students are using them today.

EVANSTON, Ill. — If any of the 70 undergraduates in Prof. Bill White’s “Organizational Behavior” course here at Northwestern University are late for class, or not paying attention, he will know without having to scan the lecture hall.

Many kids don’t really like these clickers, while others believe it helps them keep on track and do what they really should be doing in class. 

Though some Northwestern students say they resent the potential Big Brother aspect of all this, Jasmine Morris, a senior majoring in industrial engineering, is not one of them.

“I actually kind of like it,” Ms. Morris said after a class last week. “It does make you read. It makes you pay attention. It reinforces what you’re supposed to be doing as a student.”

Take a read of the entire article to really get a good understanding – the key is to incorporate the clickers into your lesson plan and get the kids involved throughout the lesson.  This approach I believe can be used for any grade as it puts technology in the hands of the child that is more than a little familiar in using it already.

NEW YORK TIMES – More Professors Give Out Hand-Held Devices to Monitor Students and Engage Them

Technology at it’s best!

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OFFICE in the SKY – Teacher Guides

I have posted about Microsoft Office live in the past.  This allows you to create / Edit and print your office documents in the Cloud.  It can be used with Office or on its own. 

It is great when anyone has different version of Office and need to work together.  If you running Office 2003 at home and your School or Office is running 2007 or 2010 – why not use Office live.  You get Storage (Skydrive 25G) – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote to use and share as any document can be shared with others online.  This becomes a great tool when multiple people are working on a project!

All you need is a Windows live ID – Hotmail, LIVE, MSN etc…

There are also teacher guides for Bing, Windows Live Movie Maker, and other free tools. In addition, there’s a lesson plans database.

Office Web Apps are available free through Windows Live SkyDrive. All you need is a Windows Live ID, which you may already have through Microsoft Hotmail, Messenger, Xbox Live, the Partners in Learning network, or other Windows Live services.

For a sneak peak at the videos offered on, take a look at this video about the OneNote Web App. It’s completely directed at teachers and how they can use the OneNote Web App both inside and outside the classroom.

FULL ARTICLE – The Microsoft Office Blog – Teachers guides for Office WEB Apps

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Microsoft releases service pack blocker for Windows 7 SP1

For those that are running WIN7 and need to test any major changes you need this…..

Brief Description

A blocking tool is available for organizations that would like to temporarily prevent installation of Service Pack updates through Windows Update.

ars technica – MS Releases service pack blocker SP1

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New WAVE – Smartphone VIRUS – Get ready!

Things are picking up speed and I am sure we will start seeing this sort of thing in North America on a larger scale sooner than later.

This type of thing can become very expensive for the user as the one that has infected 1 million users is casting $300 million a day as the virus is sending pay-to-click test messages to people’s entire contact list, they click on an anti-virus software link and they get infected and so on so on…..

Over 1 million citizens cell phones are infected, sending out costly deluge of texts
Some might have scoffed at our story yesterday on AVG’s acquisition of Android OS antivirus company DroidSecurity.  Antivirus, on a cell phone?  The notion sounds laughable, as there haven’t been many viral attacks on cell phones to date.

Of course, as China is finding out, cell phones are just like any other computer — with memory, a processor, and the potential to run applications.  A virus is sweeping across China’s smartphones and has effected 1 million thus far, transforming them into text message spam zombies.


DAILYTECH – Zombie Virus Strikes Chinese Cell Phones

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