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Tablets / Touch – PALM O/S or WEBOS & HP – Coming to stores soon!

And the race begins….  It has taken over a year and really there are no REAL competition to the iPAD yet! 

BUT THEY ARE COMING and not one’s using Windows either which is sad!

The first to market looks like it will be the PLAYBOOK from RIM, this units looks great and in the Enterprise space will do amazing things, some verticals are already planning on moving forward with this product with APS being available or being worked on.  HP yesterday announced their product based on PALM O/S or WEBOS that they purchased last year.  HP is going full stop with this O/S and you will see tablets, phones and possibly Notebooks and PC running it.  If this OS is to be saved, HP is the company that has the money and sure weight to do it.

 arc technica – had a piece on the HP product yesterday and there has been everyone else putting information out today!


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Apple – IPAD more then for GAMES! – REMOTE ACCESS…..

Want to have access to your home PC, your work PC (might be a little difficult) – Well for FREE you can set up your PC, download a single AP from the AP store and your almost ready to run your PC software, view your files etc…

Great VIDEO demonstration from itbusiness believe it or not.

Video Rewind: Turn your iPad into a remote desktop connection

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Security – NEW VERSION – Windows Security Essentials 2

If your thinking of changing your Anti-Virus software this might be the time.  If your using a payed version, you might want to safe yourself some money and switch.   Before last year I was using AVG FREE service, but each time it updated and did a SCAN I would see a noticable difference in my computer performance during that time.  When I switched to MSE – I have no idea when the scan or update is happening.

This is a very light, easy to install and use Anti-Virus software, one that Microsoft puts out and just by the history of this product are working in keeping this product fresh and new. 

Windows Security Essentials 2


Windows Firewall integration. MSE 2 integrates with the built-in Windows Firewall and will prompt you to enable this integration during Setup. This way, MSE can include firewall monitoring as part of its overall PC health monitoring.

New protection engine. The MSE antimalware engine has been updated to offer enhanced detection and cleanup capabilities with better performance.

Network inspection system. MSE 2 now helps protect against network-based exploits.

Other improvements. MSE 2 includes other important, if hard-to-find, changes. You can specify that CPU usage not exceed a certain limit (the default is 50 percent) during scheduled scans. MSE 2 reports when definitions were checked in addition to when they were updated so that you can be sure it’s working properly if a long time has elapsed between definition updates. The real-time protection functionality offers more fine-grained control. You can now auto-remove quarantined files after a specified interval, though that option is disabled by default. And Microsoft now allows you to opt out of Microsoft SpyNet, the online community that ensures that MSE stays up to date; I don’t recommend doing this for obvious reasons.

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Security – ROGUE – WIN32/Fakeinit – SCAM – Security Essentials 2011 Appears

This scam is still making the rounds and has had a name change from 2010 to 2011, just like the real product from Microsoft.  The rogue security software wants you to believe it’s an anti-virus software from Microsoft.  It then tells you in order to protect your system you need to purchase the product.   Your opening up your system and at the same time giving sensitive information away!

The Microsoft product is FREE and it’s works great, you just have  to make sure you are getting the right product.  I guess the best method if you wanted to use or switch to this product is going directly to Microsoft.com and downloading.  You should never accept an email or other methods where your directed to a site that you really have no idea about.  If you ever want to download something, don’t use the link, but go directly to the source – at least you will be cutting down your exposure.  Go to my Download page for LINKS directly to Microsoft!

Another great method is do some research first before downloading anything.  Your on the WEB – read about the product before moving forward – you should be able to find some good information – It might change your mind if you see negative responses or it might push you forward.

The screen shot of the rogue software is:

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