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Security – NEW VERSION – Windows Security Essentials 2

If your thinking of changing your Anti-Virus software this might be the time.  If your using a payed version, you might want to safe yourself some money and switch.   Before last year I was using AVG FREE service, but each time it updated and did a SCAN I would see a noticable difference in my computer performance during that time.  When I switched to MSE – I have no idea when the scan or update is happening.

This is a very light, easy to install and use Anti-Virus software, one that Microsoft puts out and just by the history of this product are working in keeping this product fresh and new. 

Windows Security Essentials 2


Windows Firewall integration. MSE 2 integrates with the built-in Windows Firewall and will prompt you to enable this integration during Setup. This way, MSE can include firewall monitoring as part of its overall PC health monitoring.

New protection engine. The MSE antimalware engine has been updated to offer enhanced detection and cleanup capabilities with better performance.

Network inspection system. MSE 2 now helps protect against network-based exploits.

Other improvements. MSE 2 includes other important, if hard-to-find, changes. You can specify that CPU usage not exceed a certain limit (the default is 50 percent) during scheduled scans. MSE 2 reports when definitions were checked in addition to when they were updated so that you can be sure it’s working properly if a long time has elapsed between definition updates. The real-time protection functionality offers more fine-grained control. You can now auto-remove quarantined files after a specified interval, though that option is disabled by default. And Microsoft now allows you to opt out of Microsoft SpyNet, the online community that ensures that MSE stays up to date; I don’t recommend doing this for obvious reasons.


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Security – AVG Update could be Dangerous – Windows Vista & Windows 7 Users

If you pay for or use the FREE version of AVG anti-virus – they have had issues with the current upgrade with systems running Vista and WIN7.   The upgrade deletes a very important file and your systems go into a Blue Screen – re-boot loop.

They (AVG) seems this is not the first time they have had issues with upgrades – A company this size with so many users should not be releasing upgrades which shut down  your systems.  Once burned OK, twice burned – I believe it’s time to move on and find another product.

If you have followed this BLOG you will have noticed that I am a user of Microsoft Security Essentials – this is another FREE anti-virus software that is light and works really well.  This would be great alternative to AVG or any paid service your using.  You can find the LINK to Microsoft product and others utilities @ my DOWNLOAD PAGE.

If you have been one of the unlucky people who did the upgrade and have not been able to fix your system yet, there are methods to do this which you can find in an article that ran this morning in DAILY TECH – AVG Update Cripples Users’ Windows 7, Vista Computers

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Security Series – Microsoft – Vulnerability in Internet Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution

Yet another attack going around….

It’s really simple to stop a lot of these attacks:

1) Don’t open emails from people you don’t know
2) If you do know the person, yet the message doesn’t make sense – DON’T open any links, call the person in question and ask
3) If you do get this type of email from someone you know, tell them about it so they can try to fix it.  If you don’t others in that persons contact list are at risk if they don’t practice the same safe computing as yourself.
IE6 and IE7 are both at risk as well as IE8 if you have changed the default security settings.  IE9 Beta is save from this attack.

CNET News – Microsoft warns of targeted attacks using new IE hole

Microsoft Announcement – Microsoft Security Advisory (2458511)

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Touch & Cell Phones – Petri Dish of Viruses

This makes total sense and I wonder how many people actually clean their phone or touch products regularly.  I know I don’t, I will be doing it more often moving forward. 

The article puts your touch device or Cell phone having 18 times more bacteria than a toilet handle? 

CLEAN YOUR PHONE – Take a read of the entire article

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Protect your PC and DATA – simple steps to stay safe!

Some simple steps to take today to protect your family data and computers from the ever-increasing threat of infections….

1) Install anti-virus / spyware software – but remember you have to keep these up to date

2) Update your software – Setup up Microsoft Auto update and keep everything current.

3) Use strong passwords and keep them secret (14 characters long, using letters, numbers and symbols)

4) Never turn off your Firewall on your computer

5) Setup your router in a secure method to stop people using your bandwidth, but also keep people out of your network.

6) Use Flash drives carefully – Make sure any key your using, you know where it has been

7) Don’t download malware

  • Be very cautious about opening attachments or clicking links in email or IM, or in posts on social networks (like Facebook)—even if you know the sender. Call to ask if a friend sent it; if not, delete it or close the IM window.

  • Avoid clicking Agree, OK, or I accept in banner ads, in unexpected pop-up windows or warnings, on websites that may not seem legitimate, or in offers to remove spyware or viruses.

    • Instead, press CTRL + F4 on your keyboard.
    • If that doesn’t close the window, press ALT + F4 on your keyboard to close the browser. If asked, close all tabs and don’t save any tabs for the next time you start the browser.
  • Only download software from websites you trust. Be cautious of “free” offers of music, games, videos, and the like. They are notorious for including malware in the download

  • Get the full article from Microsoft with full details on each topic

    How to boost your malware defense and protect your PC

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    Malicious Software – What are you doing about it? Security!

    One of those things we say we should do and don’t…  My computer at home is only used by me, so I am confident that I will not do something silly and get infected.  My other systems in the house is another story – my wife and two daughters use this and you never know what might happen.  You need to keep yourself safe when on the WEB, if you don’t do a few basic things you just might end up getting infected and that is not fun.  Sometime you can get it removed and go on, other times you have to start from scratch which could mean losing information or just a lot of time or money to get it done.

    First off everyone should have Antivirus software running and keeping it up to date.

    You should also be running a Malicious Software Removal Tool regularly to ensure no one has done something they shouldn’t have….This advice was too late for my father-in-law whose system got infected bad!  All antivirus software is shut down, no internet access at all in order to download the MSRT either.  I am hoping the USB ports are not shut down as well as I am hoping to load up the MSRT from a USB key – we will have to see!

    Microsoft – Malicious Software Removal Tool

    The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool is a free malware scanner and remover which is updated every first Tuesday of each month. The tool (mrt.exe) is located in the system32 directory of Windows and it silently scans the computer after being updated via Windows Update. MRT or MSRT does not run to scan the system all the time but any PC user can manually scan the PC to check the system from Trojans, worms and other malware that MRT can identify. Note that MRT does not detect all type of threats but was developed by Microsoft to detect and remove malware that is in the wild, especially from worms that targets vulnerable components in Windows.

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    To OPEN or NOT – New Virus

    Opening that email or attachment can lead to mega fustration and lots of downtime as well as hurting others in your contact list.

    Yesterday a bunch of very large companies got hit with a new virus, that is not playing nice at all.

    Questions you need to ask yourself before you open an email or attachment

    1) Do you know the sender
    2) If you know the sending – do they normally send emails in this fashion (ie with attachements / general subject topic – “Here You have”)
    3) With the current virus – Did you ask for a document to be sent
    4) If your not sure “DON’T OPEN IT”
    5) If your not sure, but know the sender – call them / email them asking about the email

    I am sure I am missing some, if you have any please include and I will create a full list and post it on the BLOG.

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