Tablets / Touch – PALM O/S or WEBOS & HP – Coming to stores soon!

And the race begins….  It has taken over a year and really there are no REAL competition to the iPAD yet! 

BUT THEY ARE COMING and not one’s using Windows either which is sad!

The first to market looks like it will be the PLAYBOOK from RIM, this units looks great and in the Enterprise space will do amazing things, some verticals are already planning on moving forward with this product with APS being available or being worked on.  HP yesterday announced their product based on PALM O/S or WEBOS that they purchased last year.  HP is going full stop with this O/S and you will see tablets, phones and possibly Notebooks and PC running it.  If this OS is to be saved, HP is the company that has the money and sure weight to do it.

 arc technica – had a piece on the HP product yesterday and there has been everyone else putting information out today!


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