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Networking RESELLERS Wanted – Looking for VAR Partners

Are you a reseller and want to resell a great product – give us a call or go to our WEB –

Why AMER Networks

Business Opportunities

Beating competition by 30-50% in pricing

Exclusive Offering

Little competition – Enjoy exclusivity by getting in early.

Life Time Warranty


Next Business Day Replacement

All our Managed Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switches

MSP – Managed Service Plan

Cloud management of our NEW Wireless N access points



Deal Registration

Lead with AMER and Protect your investment and Margin


Qualified leads passed onto our Authorized Resellers

GEM Program

Sell to Government / Education

Exclusive Partner Programs

Spiff programs

NFR / Demo Program

MSP – Managed Service Plan

Recurring revenue


Dedicated Account Manager

Need help closing that deal, picking the right product – just ask


For your sales and technical people & your customers

6000+ happy customers across the US You and your customers can be part of our growing team

New to the Channel

Manufacturing networking equipment for more than 15 years



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Cloud Management for N – Access Points – How many do you have – How do you manage!

Want something with performance, something that is EASY to Manage!  You can read on for more details and/or review the video.

Wireless Access points – Today with WiFi everything – everyone is getting into the game and offering these services for their customers.  Just think – McDonald’s new modelled restaurants will all have Wireless access for their customers.

Does your doctor’s office or local restaurant have wi-fi yet – any place where you need to wait are potential customers looking at internet access for their patrons.   Today EDUCATION is no different – if they don’t already offer limited access they are growing that access to allow more and more students – visitors and faculty access for not only the school owned resources, but also the individuals hardware.

You have several options when looking at adding WiFi….

1) A consumer type product with limited management and function

2) Premier product that requires a management appliance to control and manage each of the access points

3) Cloud based solutions to manage and control access

AMER has a great offering in the Enterprise class Wireless N Access point with Cloud Management.  Being a new player entry into the Cloud Management arena – we have priced both our Hardware and management products very aggressively.

How would you like to configure all your access points from your desk, send them out to your schools and have them plugged into the network  – a few minutes later your wireless access points are up and running.  Need a guest Network, want to charge using the Hotspot feature and have everything including the credit card application ready to go!  AMER & CloudCommand are the products you want.

Need better security then a simple password that has to be changed as people leave or it gets to people who shouldn’t have it.  Want to know where and who is on your network at any time,  controlling the products that have access.   You give a student permission to use your network with your hardware, but you don’t want them to be able to use their iPhone as well.  Need to limit the time or bandwidth of access, want to give your users the ability to move around from building to building without losing connection.   Need to offer guest services – let your reception give them permission and be able track and limit both by time and capacity.   Want to know the bandwidth usage by person, by device and by Access point.

This is just a small portion of the features you receive when looking at Amer and Cloud Command.

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iste – 2011 Conference – you coming!

International Society for
Technology in Education

Come by our BOOTH # 455 and see what we have to offer!

Conference MAP

GIVE AWAY – enter to WIN!

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It’s been too long!

I have been away from Blogging for too long – lots of change since the end of February.  For those that have kept the LINK active  – thank you!

You will start seeing new posts starting with this one,  information based on technology that education might find interesting.

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