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Cloud Storage – 7G – Backup files & Folders to the Cloud

mimedia Offering

–          7G of online Storage – Auto-Sync of folders and files to the cloud – play music files


    Only MiMedia Gives You All of This:
  • Watch, Stream and Enjoy Your Media on Demand
  • Effortless Photo and Video Sharing
  • Fastest Upload via the Shuttle DriveTM
  • Automatic Online Backup
  • Highly Secure Storage

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iste – 2011 Conference – you coming!

International Society for
Technology in Education

Come by our BOOTH # 455 and see what we have to offer!

Conference MAP

GIVE AWAY – enter to WIN!

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It’s been too long!

I have been away from Blogging for too long – lots of change since the end of February.  For those that have kept the LINK active  – thank you!

You will start seeing new posts starting with this one,  information based on technology that education might find interesting.

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Batteries – Lithium – Cell phones – Notebooks – Netbooks – Extend Battery Life

As more and more people are moving away from the desktop and moving to portable systems, the more they are using batteries and cutting the power cord.  In the past there where several rules when using Nickel type batteries due to the memory and I believe most people might still be holding on to that believe with newer technology.  Full discharge, full charge!

New Notebooks, Netbooks and smartphones are coming with Lithium-ion batteries and they operate much differently from there older cousins.   There is no memory and once the product is fully charged, the charging stops as long as everything else is working.

The reason for this post and my research on this subject was due to my 18 month old Notebook and a dead battery.  Like most of us I didn’t follow any type of process or rules and either did the rest of the family.  The system was used on battery power for short and long periods of time, but not all the time.  Over the summer it might have been used more on battery power as everyone wanted to work outside.

Based on the document below my battery lasted the correct amount of time – most of the time it was fully charged, installed and plugged into the wall.  The issue is the heat – Notebooks run really HOT, so the temperature of the fully charged battery was HIGH all the time.  For the first 6 months to a year my family was using a pillow to rise the notebook when sitting in the living room.  Talk about rising the temperature of the Notebook and everything in it.  I put a stop to that and they started using a board, but still the unit was too hot and the battery died.

Today I have a very nice cooling pad with a fan and the difference in temperature is huge – What this really means is the entire unit will run better and will last longer.  Hopefully not a lot of damage has already taken place!

The worst condition is keeping a fully charged battery at elevated temperatures, which is the case with running laptop batteries. If used on main power, the battery inside a laptop will only last for 12-18 months. I must hasten to explain that the pack does not die suddenly but begins with reduced run-times.

A lithium-ion battery provides 300-500 discharge/charge cycles. The battery prefers a partial rather than a full discharge. Frequent full discharges should be avoided when possible. Instead, charge the battery more often or use a larger battery. There is no concern of memory when applying unscheduled charges


How to prolong lithium-based batteries

If you really want to understand the technology and have sometime you can read the following as well.

Understanding lithium-ion

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Notebooks – Netbook vs Sub-Notebook for Education Dell 2100 vs Dell D430


  DELL 2100 Netbook DELL D430 Sub-Notebook
Computing Power Limited Usage Computing Full Functioning Computing
Screen Size 10.1” 12.1”
Processor Atom 270N Core 2 Duo 1.2
Keyboard Small Full Size
Memory 1G 2G
Warranty 1YR Dell 3YR CDI
Battery 3 or 6 Cell – Half day Usage NEW 9 Cell – Full Day Usage
Type Open Box Dell Off-Lease


When you’re reviewing products the key to the success of any technology is productivity – You need to have a product that can fulfill many functions, increase productivity and reduce the time it takes to accomplish tasks.   The key limiting factor for a Netbook is the screen real-estate; this doesn’t allow the flexibility of working in multiple environments.  The productivity is compromised because of the increase in scrolling both up and down as well as across.  Please don’t get me wrong, the Netbook just like every other product has a place and is great at what it can do, but in Education and Business it has limitations that have to be consider. 

For our K12 customers the pricing of these two products are the same

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New WAVE – Smartphone VIRUS – Get ready!

Things are picking up speed and I am sure we will start seeing this sort of thing in North America on a larger scale sooner than later.

This type of thing can become very expensive for the user as the one that has infected 1 million users is casting $300 million a day as the virus is sending pay-to-click test messages to people’s entire contact list, they click on an anti-virus software link and they get infected and so on so on…..

Over 1 million citizens cell phones are infected, sending out costly deluge of texts
Some might have scoffed at our story yesterday on AVG’s acquisition of Android OS antivirus company DroidSecurity.  Antivirus, on a cell phone?  The notion sounds laughable, as there haven’t been many viral attacks on cell phones to date.

Of course, as China is finding out, cell phones are just like any other computer — with memory, a processor, and the potential to run applications.  A virus is sweeping across China’s smartphones and has effected 1 million thus far, transforming them into text message spam zombies.


DAILYTECH – Zombie Virus Strikes Chinese Cell Phones

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Our SCHOOL NEEDS….. time to VOTE – Contest

You need to start voting even if you’re not one of the lucky one’s, every time you vote (5 x votes / day) you raise money that can be donated through another program that you can enter – raising money for your own projects.  The clock is ticking as you only have 2 weeks to vote – get people signed up to BING Education and voting, get your project on Donorschoose and you can raise some of that money you need.

BING Education

Your School Didn’t Make it to the Finals?

 You can still raise awareness and donation money for your project. Visit to learn more their unique non-profit website. Established in 2000 by a former social studies teacher, enables schools to post their projects and individuals nationwide to donate to them. Click here to read the Teacher Tutorial that explains how the program works.


This is the email I recieved today telling me to start voting…..


We have our finalists! With so many deserving schools, it was a challenge to narrow down the field of entries, but now it’s your turn to help decide who the winners will be.

Voting for the Our School Needs contest has started and you have from today until November 7th to raise support for your favorite entries by voting for up to five entries each and every day.

Who should win the Our School Needs contest? Vote now and help us decide:

In addition to supporting the Our School Needs finalists, the first 30,000 voters each day can get a $3 donation code for — an online charity where teachers post classroom projects in need of funding so people like you can help bring them to life.*

At the conclusion of the contest, up to $900,000 in donation codes will have been given out so voters can help schools across the country in need of resources!

Help decide who the winners will be. Visit the Our School Needs site and log in to vote for your favorites:

Vote now!! Vote daily!

Thanks for all your support,

The Bing Education Team

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Your OPINION Matters……

Please comment or make suggestions on how this BLOG can be improved or made more relevent to the K12 Market place.

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Grant Roll Out Tips (via Georgia Library Media Association)

The specifics of this post might not apply to your State, but the idea of sharing responsiblity of grants with all share holders including at time students does hold true for all States. Grants are so important today for each and every district, so you need to shine and standout from everyone else. I thought there was good information?

Given the recent ARRA grants that have been awarded to Georgia schools, the ETCs are busier than ever helping to bring about “digital conversions” in these schools. This means delivering professional development and support not only on how to use technology purchased with the grant but also how to implement it effectively to affect real change in student academic achievement. Several tips have emerged as helpful in bringing about these digital co … Read More

via Georgia Library Media Association

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