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Facebook & LINKS – Malware – Spam – Profanity

It is sad to say, but makes total sense…that hackers would attack Facebook.  A report released yesterday indicated that 10% of all LINKS on Facebook are a risk for Malware, spam and Profanity.  They have indicated that 40% of the posts on Facebook include links and these people are taking advantage where they get the most bang for the buck – the Stars and large corporations that have a presence on the site.  Facebook is not alone in this regard, many other social locations are also targets.

“No matter how careful you are, today’s Internet user is usually only two short clicks away from malicious content and an infected computer or network,” said Charles Renert, senior director, Security Research for Websense.

“Cybercriminals are increasingly more ingenious in developing robust systems for enticing users to malicious sites. As Web and social media become more essential in the workplace, companies need information security protection technology that allows flexible Web use and keeps their content secure with real-time inspection.”  –

Internet Users Are Only Two Clicks Away from Malicious Content

Some very interesting numbers published about data related to Malware – Spam and Profanity by celebrities and business Facebook accounts.   Malware, spam in 10 per cent of Facebook links

Itbusiness.ca has a little spreadsheet tool that steps you through the process of setting up your Facebook account in the most secure fashion.  If nothing else you should be letting everyone know about this tool and make sure you sit down with your kids accounts and set them up correctly to allow for the most secure Facebook experience.  ITBusiness.ca’s Facebook security and privacy hardening tool

Other articles:

Social networks teeming with spam and malware

The dirty Web is getting dirtier. Today 95 per cent of user comments in blogs, chat rooms, message boards and other social forums are actually spam or links to malware, research shows.


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Knowledge & Information for PARENTS

I have been thinking…  I have posted before that I believe – we as TECH people have a responsiblity to keep not only kids save, but parents as well when they are on the internet.  We may take the information we know for granted, but many parents just don’t know and really don’t have the time to figure things out.  We need to HELP!

Most districts have parent section for getting information about the school and kids on the WEB, how about putting up important information that can keep them and their children save when at home.  This information would have to be front and center  – opening page of the Parent WEB – it will have to be updated, but keeping a history area of information as well.  You might want to have a TIP of the month put into the NEWSLETTER as well.  Some of you might already be doing this and that is great.

Getting this started at your district would be very simple, I have posted over the last few weeks about 5-6 items that you could include right away.  I will continue to include items of interest on security and internet safety that you can use as well.

Let me know what you think and if your already doing this, I would be interested in hearing about what you have done in this area.  Honestly – I will be looking into starting this in both my girls schools.

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History can repeat itself – WEB SCAMS are remade & Improved

Get educated…

Saw this great post this morning and wanted to share it. I have been very lucky with my home systems and making sure my wife and two daughters are protected and educated. It worked till about a year and half ago when one of my systems was hit – not sure who did what… hours later and fresh install was the best way to handle.
Knowing is half the battle….

These scams which were determined based on the most frequently identified by PandaLabs include:

Nigerian Scam (of course)
The Girlfriend Ploy
Job Offers
Facebook / Hotmail
The Mistake


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