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Notebooks – Netbook vs Sub-Notebook for Education Dell 2100 vs Dell D430


  DELL 2100 Netbook DELL D430 Sub-Notebook
Computing Power Limited Usage Computing Full Functioning Computing
Screen Size 10.1” 12.1”
Processor Atom 270N Core 2 Duo 1.2
Keyboard Small Full Size
Memory 1G 2G
Warranty 1YR Dell 3YR CDI
Battery 3 or 6 Cell – Half day Usage NEW 9 Cell – Full Day Usage
Type Open Box Dell Off-Lease


When you’re reviewing products the key to the success of any technology is productivity – You need to have a product that can fulfill many functions, increase productivity and reduce the time it takes to accomplish tasks.   The key limiting factor for a Netbook is the screen real-estate; this doesn’t allow the flexibility of working in multiple environments.  The productivity is compromised because of the increase in scrolling both up and down as well as across.  Please don’t get me wrong, the Netbook just like every other product has a place and is great at what it can do, but in Education and Business it has limitations that have to be consider. 

For our K12 customers the pricing of these two products are the same


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Netbook vs Compact Notebooks (2100 vs D410/D420/D430)

Within the K12 market place – Netbooks have  been gaining a lot of traction for 1 to 1 computing due to I believe pricing more than the technology itself.  Netbooks have a place, but because of the processor and limited screen space  – it’s not for everyone.

Districts have quickly discovered that Netbooks do not do well with online testing and for many students the small screen makes the unit less productive as you need to switch between screens rather than having both up and viewable.

This is where the SUB-NOTEBOOK can make a huge difference and many districts have taken advantage of this product with an INTEL processor (Pentium IV / Dual Core or Core 2 Duo)  and 12.1 screen, standard hard drive etc. (Starting @ $237.00 with a 3 Year warranty) 

Believe it or not two inches on the screen can make a huge difference in productivity.  The processors will allow you to run anything on these systems, where Netbooks cannot.

Let me send out a DEMO unit to prove these systems are a better choice then Netbooks in a lot of installations. (K12 Customer only)

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DELL Latitude 2100 in STOCK!

Latitude 2100
Chalkboard Black

Intel Atom – 1600
Windows XP PRO
Dell Wireless 1397 802.11b/g Mini Card
10.1inch WSVGA LED Display (1024X576)
6 cell battery
1 yr warranty

CALL for Pricing 1-888-226-5727-x3877

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