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Smartphones – Microsoft & Nokia JOIN FORCES!

Two huge companies are getting into bed together to go against the NEW leaders in the smart phone arena. If these two very large companies do it right, I would think that both Apple and Google are going to have a fight on their hands… but will they – Can they?  To this point neither have shown themselves to be quick to market – Reason for them joining together!

The other questions is how long before we see product, Iphone 5 is coming, new Android O/S coming – things are changing quickly and can these players get into the game in time?  Microsoft already took too long to get into the mix, though they did bring a great product to market – one that people should be looking at as an alternative.



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E-Mail – Outlook & Gmail SYNC – Calendars

Like many people we don’t use Outlook at home, we use the calendar that comes with our e-mail client.  Yet it would be nice to have a single place to look and see all our Calendar entries.  Lots of different calendars out there… most people use either Google or Microsoft as their primary e-mail / calendar vendor, but most people at work use Outlook.

If you can load up an application at work or get permission to install the Google Calendar Sync program then you can sync up your appointments, birthdays and special days on both services.   Simple program – not too many options and it works.  What else can you ask for.  Works with most of the versions of Outlook – sync your primary Google Calendar to Outlook or Outlook to Google calendar or both directions.

Google SYNC for Microsoft Outlook

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Online Storage – Backup and Sync files and folders FREE

On-line storage can be used in so many ways…  It can be used as BACKUP of important files and depending on the service can be done manually or you can use services that auto-sync your files or directories that you pick.  Another great benefit of online storage is the ability to access that data from any computer connected to the WEB.

For a lot of people a single service will work great and will give them the storage they want or need and it’s FREE!  For those that have a lot to save or others that would like to keep personal and business stuff separate there are many services available.

I believe most people understand why they should backup, but most still don’t!  In most cases if you have never had a computer fail or your hard drive die, they just don’t take the time to figure out a method to back up at least the most important files – like your pictures, personal documents and invoices etc.  What would your wife say if you lost all your pictures!

Key benefits

          Backup of important files

          Sync between computers and Cloud to have access of data from any computer with an internet connection.  You had or change any file and it’s updated at all the locations you have added.


  Continue reading

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EMAIL – Manage your Personal Email – Get control Quickly!

As you move forward and use the internet more and more, you also register and sign up for all types of services and web sites.  By doing this you open yourself to email overload as you get emails from every one of these companies you registered with.

Would it not be great if you could arrange to have these emails plugged into a folder and not fill your inbox.  Well all email services like Hotmail, Live, Google, Yahoo mail all have filters that you can create to move these emails to folders – but you have to do the work!

There is new SERVICE that will quickly do that organization for you.  You create your folders and quickly create the relationship between email and folder on the WEB.  Currently the service works with Gmail and Yahoo – I have asked when and if other services will be added.  You get a summary email indicating which emails have been moved, it will also make suggestions on new emails you receive.

CNET Article and Review – OtherinBox

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NEW GEN Job Seekers – What they expect!

How things change and quickly – We really need to make sure we are teaching some real life expectations – kids are going to be shocked when they get out in the work force – They can’t install any software, can’t read Hotmail or Gmail, can’t get on their favorite web site like Facebook, Twitter and the list continues……

Many claim that millennials have entitlement issues.  Six Minutes did a nice job on a piece they did title: The Millennials Are Coming.  In that article they stated: You now have a generation coming into the workplace that has grown up with the expectation that they will automatically win, and they’ll always be rewarded, even for just showing up.  

In another interesting article by, the following questions were actually asked by millennials in job interviews.  

  • If I don’t like my boss, how can I get that changed?
  • How many hours per day will I be expected to work?
  • Do you allow the use of Facebook?
  • If I don’t like my pay, who do I talk to about fixing that?
  • If we do reading for the job, can we do it at the gym during work hours?
  • Who will be my mentor and coach while I’m learning my new job?
  • What does the company do to make work fun?

I can see where this is coming from, but it’s hard to believe these expectation would be asked in an interview…..

ENTIRE ARTICLE – Millennial Job-Seekers Have Unique Expectations

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Drag & Drop Support for Google DOCS

Something that for years we have taken for granted, but when things moved to the cloud it became an inconvenience when it didn’t work.

Well for all those people who have been using Google Docs, you can drag and drop moving forward.  You do have to have the most current versions of browser that supports HTML5.


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Dead Sea Scrolls – Soon to be available on the WEB – thx to Google, Nasa & Israeli Antiquities Authority!

The Dead See Scrolls which contains original biblical text is coming to the internet.  This is great news for anyone interested in history and wants to see some first hand.  I can see this being used in many history classes, it being  better than viewing them in a text.  It will be sometime before you see them as this was just announced and the details of the project will be fully disclosed and online within months.

At a press briefing in Israel, the IAA’s Pnina Shor talked about how the Google deal will help preserve the scrolls. “From the minute all of this will go online there will be no need to expose the scrolls anymore, and anyone in his office or (on) his couch will be able to see it,” she said—though we do have to wonder how many couch potatoes are really itching to read The War Scroll off its actual parchment.

The 900 biblical and other manuscripts, comprising some 30,000 fragments, were discovered between 1947 and 1956 in the Qumran caves above the Dead Sea and photographed in their entirety with infra-red technology in the 1950s.

READ ENTIRE Press Release

I for one can’t wait to see this online.

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Post-it Notes in the CLOUD!

Several years ago I started to use Google Notebook to make notes, ToDo lists, if I find something at work that I want to review at home etc.  This product is still available, but Google is not updating. 

You ask what is Post-it Notes in the Cloud – it’s a WEB application that allows you to make notes, Tag them as well as put them categories to organize the notes.  These are available to you where ever you are with access to the WEB!  Has really come in handy!

Then I got a smart phone and other applications started to show up that allowed easy access from your computer and smart phone.  I started using a program called Evernote and recently started looking at Catch as well.

We all have to make notes, hear a song you want to remember the name, need to pick something up etc… Think about it this way – EVERYTHING you use a Sticky Note for you can use one of these and many other programs that are available.  Keep your important working notes and information in the cloud so you have access to them anytime and anywhere!

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Which CAMP are you in – LIVE@Edu or Google Apps?

Which one are you using, if you’re not are you thinking about it?  This is huge market for both companies and is very important as trends and habits start at this level.

The war to win over educational institutions for the cloud is getting heated. Productivity suite rivals Microsoft and Google are battling it out to see who can be the go-to provider for a cloud-based email platform for universities and colleges across the U.S. Google Apps, which currently has 8 million users, is slightly behind Microsoft’s 11 million users of Live@edu. But the race is still a close one considering that individual deployments can include hundreds of thousands of users.  FULL STORY

Love to hear what you’re using – if your planning or not planning and why?

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