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TEXTBOOKS – K12 Electronic Teacher Guides & Students Text

As technology spreads so does the need for the K12 educational system to keep up.  What a better way to use your dollars better and use a new non-profit organization to get FREE electronic textbooks for you kids and Teachers.  Lets face it – a lot of districts are having problems keeping up in all ares’ due to budget cuts.  You have to take a look at this and see if you can make it work in your district, just think – even if you modify one or two classes – how much will you save on text books – either saving the parents money or being able to use that money for other projects.

If it means changing your lesson plan or presentation of those lesson, it just might be worth a look at this new service. – FlexBooks – Electronic Textbooks – FREE 

Key Benefits

Access to free textbooks
High quality educational content created by educators
Content customized to reflect “today” and the different needs of students
Quality ensured by CK-12‘s Community of Educational Practitioners
Increased pedagogic choice for all teachers, aligned to state standards as well as developmentally correct content
Supported by publishing tools that facilitate quick and easy content creation and distribution
Collaborative learning via a community where authors, teachers, and students create, access, share, rate, recommend, and publish

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e-Books – BIG DAY for GOOGLE – NEW STORE – Google eBookstore!

One big difference with Google’s eBook store from competitors–thanks to the library scans–tons of free ebooks. For instance, there’s A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens and Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen for free.  Full ARTICLE @ TechnologyLIVE

So what e-Reader do you have and will Google’s eBooks work?

Web browsers. You can read Google eBooks on any browser with JavaScript enabled. Learn more about the Google Web Reader.

Smartphones. You can download and install the Google Books reading app for free on any US Android phone (version 2.1 (Eclair) or later) or on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. (iOS 3.0 or later).

eReader devices. Google eBooks can be read with any dedicated eBook reader that supports the Adobe eBook platform, including the Barnes & Noble Nook™ and Readers™ from Sony. More than 85 devices support the Adobe eBook platform today including Reader™ from Sony devices (PRS-300 – PRS-700), Aluratek Libre, Astak EZ Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook™ and Nook Color™, BeBook, Bookeen, COOL-ER, Elonex eBook, HanLin eBook, IREX Digital Reader, Neolux Nuut, and more. Please see the full list of Adobe eBook Platform supported devices.

Amazon Kindle. Currently, Google eBooks are not compatible with Amazon Kindle devices, though we are open to supporting them in the future.

Looks like they have a very nice management piece included with multiple book shelves to sort and store both your purchased and Free e-books.  Will have to play with it a bit to get a better idea of how th manager works.

 I am surprised that they don’t have Kindle support which will close off today about 72% of e-readers on the market!  Might be trying to get the Store up and running for the holidays!

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e-Reader – New options – Google is entering the Market

The e-Reader market just keeps getting more complicated… Lots of new readers coming with different formats and how do you make the right choice – do you wait – do you buy for Christmas this year?

Well Google might just make that choice a little easier and it might be before the end of the year.  They are going to have an online service where you can obtain your books for any of the multiple formats out there.   If they do this right many of the current makers of e-Readers might just have a hard time selling books for their products since Google will most likely have much larger selection and hopefully really competitive priced products.  Well we will just have to wait and see….

That’s my two cents on the subject!

Google’s bookstore may launch in time for the holidays

Can Google's New e-Book Knock out the Competition? image via How do you decide which e-book to buy?  After all, there are Kindles, Nooks, iPads and now Google is planning their own e-book.  In fact, they are in the final stages of production. What is taking them so long?  In a recent article, Google product manager and director Scott Dougall said, “Because of the complexity of this project, we didn’t want to come out with something that wasn’t thorough.”  According to … Read More

via Dr. Diane Hamilton’s Blog

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How to Get Free e-Books – Why you want an eReader – Manage your eReader (via Dr. Diane Hamilton’s Blog)

I have been planning on putting something very similar to this post on the blog for sometime, but just have not put all the information together. Why re-create the wheel, this article is very good and has most of the information I wanted to include and then some.

Great post with a lots of information

How to Get Free e-Books Are you considering buying an e-reader but don’t have the money to pay for a lot of e-books?  You might consider going to the library.  Libraries are offering more and more electronic titles.  Keep in mind that certain libraries may not have the ability to download files into specific readers.  I am in Arizona, and the local library here cannot download files for the Kindle or the iPad.  They do offer titles for other readers such as Nook, Sony R … Read More

via Dr. Diane Hamilton’s Blog

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Technology & Social Media as Educational tools

I am sure many teachers have some boring topics that have to be taught, but they know the kids are off thinking about something else when they are trying to teach it.   Well we also know if you use what the kids are interested in and using daily, they will get involved and the information will stick.  The results can be very surprising!

Found an article today where a teacher used (sort of) MySpace and/or Facebook project to teach a very boring topic of trying to introduce an authors background before moving to reading a book.

Before reading a piece of classic literature, I always like to give background on the author. Before reading “The Tell-Tale Heart” I do a small lesson on the back ground of Edgar Allan Poe that details his tragic life and times. My goal is for the students to tie the author’s personal experiences to the literary term “author’s purpose”, but I didn’t know of a great way to do this. Usually, I would copy off a page of information about the author, we would read it together, and that was that. Students would wander during the reading and zone out, not interested at all in the boring piece I had revamped from the encyclopedia or photo-copied out of our literature book. The students were not retaining and certainly not caring about the author’s background. 
I am sure there are many other lesson plans that could be created using the technology the kids use, you have to be creative and take the time to get involved in today’s technology.   This article with the changes to MySpace that just happened, might be a little out of date – for the above exercise you would today be better served using Facebook.
Simple exercise my daughters 6th grade teacher put into place was a BLOG (FREE) for the classroom.  He had a student each day post something on the blog, usually about the days activities.  This exposed the kids to a BLOG, it got them thinking about the day and it also get them writing something that everyone else could see – including their parents.  He also used the blog as a method to communicate home work, projects and special dates that the students or parents could review at home.  I thought this was a great idea! 
FREE Blog Services – You’re in one currently called, it takes about 10 minutes to set up the blog, then you start posting.  Another service is Google’s BLOGGER, again very easy and both are FREE.

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