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Cloud Storage – FREE – Another Service 10G FREE

We are all storage hungry – if your like me you use several cloud storage services. You always have to think about security and what your sharing with the Cloud, but if your smart it can be used as a great backup of non-sensitive information. Some are easier than others and some you might trust more than another.

I currently use Live Mesh and Skydrive from Microsoft as well as Dropbox. Live Mesh is a great product if you have multiple computers and you want to sync up your folders or specific files from one to the other with the option of having it in the cloud as well. Skydrive is a manually process but with 25G and it being used for Microsoft cloud apps – it’s a must. Dropbox is a single folder you can save information to and have it sync with the cloud and other computers. It’s fast and works really well with plug-ins for smartphones.

There are others I have mentioned in the past listed on a folder on my main page of the blog.

A new player has entered the game – CLOUD EXPERIENCE – Beta – from fist looks it seems to have most of the features of Dropbox.  Sync from multiple devices – share your files with others and access the service from anywhere.

A full length review was published on AddictiveTips today – take a read!


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Protection – System Restore – Windows 7 (WIN7) – Keeping DATA SAFE!

In several posts I have been suggesting ways in which we can help kids and parents stay safe while on their computers.  I talked about anti-virus, surfing safe and using skydrive or LIVE MESH for keeping important data safe. 

We all have family and friends that rely on us to help them out when they have issue, this is one way you can help yourself by being pro-active and let them solve their own problems.

Well if you have Windows 7 there is another layer that can and should be used. 

BACKUP BACKUP – how many people take the time to backup – not many, not even tech people. 

How would you like to recover that file or folder you just deleted, a great feature in WIN7 allows you to restore a previous version of  or deleted files.  For anyone purchasing a new computer this feature should be turned on as soon as they get the system.  Most current systems come with a good size hard drive so this should not be an issue and it’s just add’s one more layer of protection and productivity.  I have heard you need about 10% of your  hard disk space to make System Restore work well.

Microsoft FAQ on the previous versions functionality

Older systems that people have upgraded to WIN7 might have concerns because of hard drive space….  if adding additional drives to the unit ($50-60 for a 500G drive) is not an option then they can look at several other options.

Windows SKY DRIVE – Have a Windows LIVE ID and you gte 25G free in the cloud.  The storage is great, you have access to your files anywhere, but getting it to Skydrive is a manual process.  There is a method to add a Skydrive Folder as a Network drive and I will be posting this at a later date, once I have tested it.

If you multiple systems and one of them has a larger harddrive, you can use LIVEMESH to sync specific folders or files from your older system to you new system automatically and use that as your on promise backup.

There are several other services, both pay and FREE out there if you look around.  I have not tried any of these, so I do not want to make any suggestions.  If you have used others or try something else out let me know and I will review and post up.

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