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TEXTBOOKS – K12 Electronic Teacher Guides & Students Text

As technology spreads so does the need for the K12 educational system to keep up.  What a better way to use your dollars better and use a new non-profit organization to get FREE electronic textbooks for you kids and Teachers.  Lets face it – a lot of districts are having problems keeping up in all ares’ due to budget cuts.  You have to take a look at this and see if you can make it work in your district, just think – even if you modify one or two classes – how much will you save on text books – either saving the parents money or being able to use that money for other projects.

If it means changing your lesson plan or presentation of those lesson, it just might be worth a look at this new service.

CK12.org – FlexBooks – Electronic Textbooks – FREE 

Key Benefits

Access to free textbooks
High quality educational content created by educators
Content customized to reflect “today” and the different needs of students
Quality ensured by CK-12‘s Community of Educational Practitioners
Increased pedagogic choice for all teachers, aligned to state standards as well as developmentally correct content
Supported by publishing tools that facilitate quick and easy content creation and distribution
Collaborative learning via a community where authors, teachers, and students create, access, share, rate, recommend, and publish

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FUND RAISING – Our School NEEDS Contest – Another way of raising money – Just VOTE!

Microsoft BING 100k Contest down to 15 schools and the voting has started.  You get to vote once each day, you also get to raise money for your own cause.  Each vote can be worth $3.00 for your own cause – get your teachers and parents voting!

In addition to supporting the Our School Needs finalists, the first 30,000 voters each day can get a $3 donation code for DonorsChoose.org — an online charity where teachers post classroom projects in need of funding so people like you can help bring them to life.*

At the conclusion of the contest, up to $900,000 in donation codes will have been given out so voters can help schools across the country in need of resources!

You can still raise awareness and donation money for your project. Visit DonorsChoose.org to learn more their unique non-profit website. Established in 2000 by a former social studies teacher, DonorsChoose.org enables schools to post their projects and individuals nationwide to donate to them. Click here to read the Teacher Tutorial that explains how the DonorsChoose.org program works. 

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