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Manage – Organize your PICTURES

Like most people we plug-in our camera’s and let the software import our pictures to default folders on our systems and do very little after that.  Well there is a FREE tool that can help and organize your shots, rename and it makes it easy!

If your a teacher that uses technology – pictures are a very important tool of your lesson plans and you most likely have lots all in one folder.  Would it not be nice to organize, rename and move these pictures to help you be more productive.

No matter who you are this tool should come in handy – to start organizing or to put the final touches to your pictures.

AmoK – AmoK Exif Sorter 2.56 (Official Website)

Original ARTICLE –

AmoK Exif Sorter Organizes and Renames Your Photo Collection However You’d Like


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“OH NO”! – Another Image Format

I know, I know advancing technology is what everyone wants, but it always confuses the masses and makes sharing that much harder as a new format gets adopted.

I have to say if the information coming out from Google is true about an average reduction in file size of 39%,  you could see this taking off quickly especially because it’s Google putting it out there. 

To achieve this reduction, the WebP format relies on the advanced, still-mage compression methods that the VP8 video codec uses to compress individual frames. Google has coupled these advanced compression techniques with a very slim container format. Due to its efficacy for compressing lossy images, WebP might someday replace JPEG as the standard format for photos and similar content on the Web.  READ FULL ARTICLE from ars Technica

I guess we have to wait and see what happens.


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