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Text Books – Surprise – Surprise – Students want Paper!

Reading the following article from the New York Times I was surprised so many kids are not looking at E-books, but would rather carry 10lbs book around the campus.  It is for sure a change in mind-set and study habits even for kids who use technology all day long.  Some of the comments made did surprise me a little.

Similarly I started listening to audio books a few years ago and I love it today.  I started to do this not because of the technology, but because I just couldn’t find the time to read a paperback.  This allowed me to continue doing something I loved, it was something I had to get used to and it is a different experience.  My daughter who has grown up with technology love’s to read and wants to have the physical book in her hand, she don’t want to listen to or use an E-reader – though she has not tried either and at this point she doesn’t want to even try it.

According to the National Association of College Stores, digital books make up just under 3 percent of textbook sales, although the association expects that share to grow to 10 percent to 15 percent by 2012 as more titles are made available as e-books.

In two recent studies — one by the association and another by the Student Public Interest Research Groups, a national advocacy network — three-quarters of the students surveyed said they still preferred a bound book to a digital version.

Many students are reluctant to give up the ability to flip quickly between chapters, write in the margins and highlight passages, although new software applications are beginning to allow students to use e-textbooks that way.



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