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Convert FILES on the WEB

Everyone has had that document that they can’t load up or the version is wrong and you still need to view.  Or you need to send a file to someone, but they don’t have the necessary program to be able to open the file.

Found a FREE service on PC MECH that is WEB based – so you don’t have to install anything and you get your new document emailed to you.  Being that it is WEB based, I wouldn’t want to send any private information, but for general type documents etc – this service works really well. 

With the popularity of eBooks, wouldn’t it be nice to take those large PDF files and convert them to your Kindle format?   Convert PDF files to eBook formats (epub, fb2, lit, lrf, mobi, oeb, pdb, pml, rb, tcr)

ZAMZAR – Free online file Conversion


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