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To have only ONE CABLE for Everything…. INTEL LIGHT PEAK

Everyone has a nightmare of cables, tangled and hanging down.  My wife hates seeing all the cables – so you try to organize and tie them up, but have fun if you have to change or remove or add a cable.  It’s just a MESS!  Well this might all come to an END next year when PC manufacture start to use Light Peak.   Certainly USB has help in cutting down the number of different types and connectors, but you still need one cable per product.  The main issue with USB is the capacity and speed – so it will never be the single connection, but Light Peak looks like it might be able to handle everything in a daisy chain method – this is great.

Light Peak Wiki definition

This was first shown back in 2009 and INTEL was saying this year, but at a show this past week they indicated it wouldn’t be till next year when we will see this great solution.


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