Security – iPhone Password Lock – Do you feel SAFE?

I guess this is not specific to Education, but I know many Tech people who use the iPhone  – so I thought they might be interested in this article.

Research being carried out at the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology in Germany has revealed an iPhone password can be recovered in just 6 minutes from a locked device. In other words, if you lose your iPhone, but it has a password lock, anyone can unlock it in just a few minutes without having to figure out the passcode.

It’s also made clear in their study that using encryption on the iPhone is not a way around this problem as the encryption relies on the user’s secret information (revealed by this method) to gain access. The best advice at the moment is to change passwords as soon as a device is lost or stolen to limit the damage.

It only take 6 minutes to reveal an iPhone password


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