Security – SAFER INTERNET DAY & Microsoft – Offering FREE downloads


I have always indicated that us technical people have to try to keep those less skilled safe while on the internet.  This would be great documents to pass onto your teachers, kids parents and if you have children you should review this as well. 

Free downloads for Safer Internet Day

This year Microsoft supports Safer Internet Day by offering free events, research, and downloads to help parents, educators, and caregivers better understand kids and the video games that they play. To see Microsoft’s latest online gaming research, visit Safer Internet Day 2011.

Free downloads: Learn more about online gaming

  • “Play It Safe When Gaming Online” consumer brochure – XPS | PDF
  • “Microsoft Tools Help Keep Families Safer Online” consumer brochure – XPS | PDF
  • Get Game Smart Family PACT (a printable agreement to make it easier for parents and kids agree on media choices) – PDF
  • Safer Family Gaming & Entertainment with Xbox 360: A Simple 10-Step Guide for Parents – XPS|PDF
  • Xbox 360/Kinect Safer Family Gaming Guide – XPS | PDF 

Safer Online Gaming: Perceptions and Behaviors of Gamers and Parents of Gamers (December 2010, U.S.)

Overall, parents surveyed rank the risks of online gaming for their kids low compared to other online activities. And while they report that the steps they’ve taken to help protect their children are effective, most are not using available family safety settings.

  • Thirteen percent of parents ranked online gaming as their top concern compared to online chatting (43%) and browsing social networks (20%).
  • Forty percent report using available family safety settings. Of those who don’t use family safety settings, 54% reported not using them because they trust their child and 53% said they don’t use them due to lack of awareness or lack of understanding how to find/use them.

Even though parents ranked the concerns of online gaming low, many gamers themselves reported experiencing abuse online—and for younger gamers, the abuse has impacted their online gaming behavior.

  • One in five gamers reported experiencing abuse while gaming online.
  • The results showed that gamers aged 18-24 (24%) are twice as likely as gamers under 18 (12%) to experience abuse.
  • Most gamers, 71%, claim they know what to do when they encounter abuse online, but many (44%) do not report it.
  • Two-thirds of gamers under 18 have either stopped playing online games or play them less due to a previous bad experience

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