CABLES – REFERENCE – How Long can you GO!

If your working with cabling all the time you don’t need to read this post as you will remember what the limits are, but lets face it if it is not your primary job or responsiblity keeping all those numbers in your head can sometimes be difficult.

Did you know that both CAT5 and CAT6 have the same limitations?  How long can USB cables be? etc…

Great article in PC MECH giving you the most popular cables lengths.

Category 5

Maximum length: 328 feet / 100 meters

Most people refer to this as ‘network cable’ or CAT-5 for short. This is still what most people use in the home for wired networking.

You will run into signal problems starting at around 250 feet if the cable is old, pulled too tightly, crimped in certain places, etc. In order to achieve full signal at maximum length, the cable must be installed properly from beginning to end.

You can extend the length of CAT-5 by using traditional network hubs. Old routers can also serve as hubs

Get the rest of the article from:

How Far Can That Wire Go?


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