Virtualization – VirtualBox – FREE – Learn about Virtualization & Start using it!

As many Districts are moving to Virtualization, many more are thinking about. 

This by any means is not a simple process, it requires an enormous amount of  planning and time.  All of which we all know, no one has!  But if you don’t spend that time and do that planning up front, you’re in for a very difficult ride.  Things can go REALLY BAD – REALLY QUICKLY!

My thought has always been start small with servers that are not critical – take your time and do lots of research.

This is where VirtualBox can come into play – This is open source product that has matured to a point where someone who is not fully up on virtualization can get it up and running with ease.  This is a full featured product with lots of information on the WEB and full manual to help you get up and running.

 Lifehacker asked the question – What is your favorite Virtual Machine – with 22,393 votes – VirtualBox got 50% of the vote!  Take a look at the top 5 packages…



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