Online Storage – Backup and Sync files and folders FREE

On-line storage can be used in so many ways…  It can be used as BACKUP of important files and depending on the service can be done manually or you can use services that auto-sync your files or directories that you pick.  Another great benefit of online storage is the ability to access that data from any computer connected to the WEB.

For a lot of people a single service will work great and will give them the storage they want or need and it’s FREE!  For those that have a lot to save or others that would like to keep personal and business stuff separate there are many services available.

I believe most people understand why they should backup, but most still don’t!  In most cases if you have never had a computer fail or your hard drive die, they just don’t take the time to figure out a method to back up at least the most important files – like your pictures, personal documents and invoices etc.  What would your wife say if you lost all your pictures!

Key benefits

          Backup of important files

          Sync between computers and Cloud to have access of data from any computer with an internet connection.  You had or change any file and it’s updated at all the locations you have added.



Microsoft Offering

          Skydrive – 25G of FREE storage – Drag and drop technology (Windows LIVE ID – this is used for Photogallery and LIVE Documents as well as any files you upload)

          LIVE Mesh – 5G of FREE storage – Sync your files / folders automatically (Windows Live Essentials 2011)

 Google Offering

          Google DOCS – 1G of FREE file upload storage – Drag and drop – Google Docs format documents is not counted in the 1G

–    Picasa Web Albums – 1G of Free photo Storage

 DropBox Offering

          2G of online storage – Auto-Sync of folders only

 SugarSync Offering

          5G of online Storage – Auto-Sync of folders and files – unlimited auto-sync from computer to computer

 These are just some of the many services available and in most cases if more storage is needed it can be purchased for a monthly fee.  I have added a PAGE TAB for your future reference and I will continue to update this page as new and alternative services arrive.


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