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I am always surprised when I see  people keying in www.websites name when they get on their own computer for locations that they go to all the time.  Others I hear them saying I wish I could remember that website, I have it as a favorite at home.  Then there is me, who bookmarks everything and was a happy user of Google bookmarks till my current position doesn’t allow me to add any software to my office PC, so access to my bookmarks has gone away.  You can access your bookmarks on google web, but they are not organized at all.

I have been looking for something that could replace Google Bookmarks, be easy to use and not blocked by my employer.  Well my in-depth search is over, but not completely.  I have found a website that comes with a bunch of pre-loaded addresses which you can change or modify, plus add your own.  This is a manual process, so not automated from your own favorites list, which I would have liked.  It works well, but takes time to get it right – you organize them in groups which can be moved around etc.  Limited modification – your list is public or not, you don’t have the option of picking certain addresses going either way.  You can also use this for you RSS feeds based on the WEBSITES you add to the list.

Overall it is a nice product and I will continue to use it till I find something else that can modified a little more automate the process of importing your favorites.

43MARK Beta


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