How to Get Free e-Books – Why you want an eReader – Manage your eReader (via Dr. Diane Hamilton’s Blog)

I have been planning on putting something very similar to this post on the blog for sometime, but just have not put all the information together. Why re-create the wheel, this article is very good and has most of the information I wanted to include and then some.

Great post with a lots of information

How to Get Free e-Books Are you considering buying an e-reader but don’t have the money to pay for a lot of e-books?  You might consider going to the library.  Libraries are offering more and more electronic titles.  Keep in mind that certain libraries may not have the ability to download files into specific readers.  I am in Arizona, and the local library here cannot download files for the Kindle or the iPad.  They do offer titles for other readers such as Nook, Sony R … Read More

via Dr. Diane Hamilton’s Blog


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