New WAVE – Smartphone VIRUS – Get ready!

Things are picking up speed and I am sure we will start seeing this sort of thing in North America on a larger scale sooner than later.

This type of thing can become very expensive for the user as the one that has infected 1 million users is casting $300 million a day as the virus is sending pay-to-click test messages to people’s entire contact list, they click on an anti-virus software link and they get infected and so on so on…..

Over 1 million citizens cell phones are infected, sending out costly deluge of texts
Some might have scoffed at our story yesterday on AVG’s acquisition of Android OS antivirus company DroidSecurity.  Antivirus, on a cell phone?  The notion sounds laughable, as there haven’t been many viral attacks on cell phones to date.

Of course, as China is finding out, cell phones are just like any other computer — with memory, a processor, and the potential to run applications.  A virus is sweeping across China’s smartphones and has effected 1 million thus far, transforming them into text message spam zombies.


DAILYTECH – Zombie Virus Strikes Chinese Cell Phones


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