Breaking it Down: How to start deploying Microsoft Desktop Virtualization technologies

 Since virtualization is key to most technologies going forward and a number of districts have already started down that road and I believe many more are looking at it.

I thought his article from Microsoft might be of assistance.

Todays post is from Dave Trupkin, Senior Product Manager for App-V and Med-V

I’m coming to you live from Tech·Ed Berlin. Karri Alexion-Tiernan just posted over on the Windows for Your Business a blog outlining Microsoft’s position on Desktop Virtualization describing the “layers” and the importance of management.

I had the opportunity to catch up with some experts on the show floor and get their insights regarding deploying Microsoft’s Desktop Virtualization and as a bonus, Citrix joined us to chat about XenDesktop integration with our virtualization technologies.

Let’s spend some time together to dive in to the different components of the Microsoft Desktop Virtualization stack and talk about deployment tips and resources to help you get started with each. In future posts, we’ll explore the specifics of each technology in greater detail.



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