DVR – Good for Consumer & Possibly Cable Guys – Bad for Networks and Advertisers!

Again – not specific to the K12 Tech community, but for sure it will affect you moving forword.

I am sure my family and I are very similar to anyone else that currently has a DVR!  These things are great, who has time to watch shows when they are on the networks….  Not sure about you but we are busy and not that I watch too many shows, but without the DVR I would not be able to watch most!

Something else that I am sure we all do is fast forward through the commercials just like we did with the VCR – though a little slower.  Well when you think about – the commercials are paying for those shows and anyone with a DVR are not watching them and it’s a lot of us.  Both the networks and advertisers know this and want to change this behaviour if they can.

I have heard from a few people including my daughter that a GLEE episode was scheduled to record, but ended up not being recorded – which made no sense till I heard it from a few other people??  Makes you wonder if they have that control over the DVR?

Ultimately the Networks want to push you to ON-Demand and take fast forward control away from you so you cannot skip the commercials and I am sure over time that is what will happen.

 FULL ARTICLE – TV networks want to get rid of the DVR


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