Windows PAGE FILE SIZE – Should you change?

BicycleI have also wondered what the best setting should be or when to change these settings, but I have never found any good information so I have always just let Windows do it thing.  I found this article today and thought it explained “PAGE FILE SIZE” in easy to understand manner.  I will be trying to increase my own as I do play a few games that are not all that smooth!

 Boy on turtle

I guess in the K12 market place, you might want to look at this for heavy graphics and animation type systems if you have the resources on the machines.

Do you need to increase your Page file size in Windows? – This is the most important of the questions to answer.

Most people never have to modify the Windows page file because they simply don’t have any real need to do so. On my desktop PC, I always use the automatic method. However there are a few instances where I would modify it if I needed to:

High-End Gaming PC

If I were a hardcore gamer playing games that had massive requirements for pretty much.. well.. everything, yes I would bump up my page file. This would in turn make my high-end games run smoother and launch slightly faster. Maybe not by a large margin, but any advantage helps in gaming.

Home File Server

File servers do nothing but sit there and serve files, obviously. What happens however is that these are computers that stay on for weeks or months at a time unattended. Giving Windows more page file space allows me to reboot less because it will take a lot longer for Windows to run out of virtual memory – if ever.

If I had a box with Windows being used as a file server and it locked up every few weeks for apparently no reason at all, and I had already ruled out everything else that would cause it (such as brownouts, wonky network connectivity, etc.), I would bump up the page file – but again only after ruling out everything else.

I should note that the chance of a Windows-based server lockup being due to a virtual memory file problem is slim at best. But if you’ve already troubleshoot everything you can possibly think of, replaced RAM sticks with new and the problem is still there, bumping up the page file may fix it.


In rare instances a RAM stick will go bad, and it will most likely be the case that only one out of a set doesn’t work. If for example there were two 1GB sticks, the bad one is taken out and then the box runs on 1 until replacements are acquired and installed. Were I placed in that situation I would bump up the page file to compensate for the fact my physical RAM is only half of what it normally is. This would be a temporary solution, and while it wouldn’t run nearly as well as with 2GB, it at least makes the computing experience tolerable until replacement memory was installed – after which I would set the page file setting back to where it was.

Take a read of the entire document


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