Migrate to WIN7 OR Not! – MED-V Might get you moving forward!

Microsoft really wants you to move to Windows 7 – Yes they sell more licenses, but it is also very expensive to support multiple O/S.  To that end they are trying to make the switch as painless as possible, but the bottom line in most educational districts – they are working with older software that just doesn’t work on WIN7.

MED-V looks like it might just solve that issue and doing it cleanly at least for the user, possibly not for the IT person setting up?  Since I have not done this setup I cannot answer that question.  Certainly require more research if it does what they are saying!

MED-V is a bridge to help you create a longer term plan for your more complex applications that may not be compatible with Windows 7 and are too costly to migrate at this exact moment.  MED-V can accelerate your migration to Windows 7 by removing legacy application barriers.  It delivers a seamless user experience, consolidates legacy desktop hardware and allows users to access the legacy applications from a single desktop experience. It also enables the business to move all desktops to a better performing, more secure operating system, Windows 7.  READ FULL POST


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