E-mail Management

I am sure like everyone I know, they have management issue around e-mails.  We all get too many e-mails and trying to find the time to review, reply and manage them can sometimes be impossible.  We all spend too much time, and for many our personal time trying to keep it somewhat under control.  Just a few years ago it was just work e-mail, today it’s both work and our own personal email accounts!

One of the things I have done for my personal email account is setup a 2nd email address that I only use for REGISTRATIONS, offerings etc.  Anything that you might receive regular emails.  This makes my primary email account just for family and friends – the emails I want to review.  The other account is reviewed when I have time.

Well Microsoft posted this TIP – Though it is titled for Teachers – I am sure anyone can use these idea’s in some shape or form.

How much e-mail do you get every day? I’m guessing the answer is “too much”. What with planning lessons, teaching, grading assignments, reporting to your principal and stuff, email is just another time-consuming task. How about letting your computer so do some of the work? 

Here are seven Outlook tips that will save you time and help you organize your e-mail.  FULL POST


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