Wind Energy – Interesting – Great Classroom Topic!

Brazos Wind Farm in the plains of West Texas

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When you think about it, it does make some sense – but did you know WIND Farms change many expects of the environment down wind.  The concern is this technology for energy is growing in popularity, the installs are getting bigger and what will the environmental outcome be?

The temperature that defines the weather in a region is the surface air temperature below the atmospheric boundary layer. In this paper, the authors used data from wind farms in San Gorgonio, California to show that near-surface air temperatures downwind of the wind farm are higher than the upwind regions during night, while they’re cooler during the day.

Many wind farms are built over agriculture land, so the turbines can actually have beneficial effects, such as the nocturnal warming of ambient air to protect crops from frosts. But as wind farms become larger, the complete environmental cost and possible unintended consequences of these temperature shifts must be considered to ensure the sustainable use of the wind.

As will many other forms of natural energy collection, we make changes to the natural state of things which effects many other things at the time we don’t realize.  Very interested stuff!

This article looks at a new method of positioning the turbines to minimize the temperture change down wind.

Most efficient wind farm layout is also the least disruptive


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  1. boxuntobbyfug

    Home Made Energy, Considering the rate at which our planet is getting exploited of its non renewable energy sources and the dramatic climatic changes happening due to the consumption of these minerals, we have to shift focus and keep our options open. Renewable energy is a form of energy that can never extinguish. Where as coming to wind energy, a wind mill can be constructed in a backyard and can be utilized as an electricity generator. Wind mills should be taken as an option only in places where there are moderately strong winds. Places in high altitudes, where there is enough amount of wind to move the blades. Renewable energy is a source of energy that can never get exhausted or the energy source that we can never run out off. The old wind mills that you see in villages are proof that wind energy was used even in those days.So these are some of the renewable energy sources that we are using.

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