Microsoft Patch Tuesday – Important Security update – Best Practice

This is more directed to individuals then District Networks as there are many ways to administer Windows security updates on a network. 

If you have a WNDOWS PC – one of the simplest ways to help keep yourself secure is having AUTOMATIC update turned on.  I have it turned on for all my machines, but I have it ask me to install it.  October’s PATCH Tuesday is a big one that you need to make sure is updated.

There are 16 Security Bulletins that is addressing 49 vulnerabilities coming on Tuesday, October 12, this is the largest single update and surpasses August at 14 bulletins and 34 vulnerabilities.  Just because of the size of the patch, Microsoft is holding a webcast on Wednesday.

CRITICAL – 4 Bulletins
IMPORTANT – 10 Bulletins
MODERATE – 2 Bulletins

 Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for October 2010


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