Cutting your CABLE or Not!

Most people have issues with Cable and Cell phone providers for one reason or another.  If there was a true alternative I would cut my Cable and use the internet for my TV.  There are lots of products and services out there and more coming all the time.  They have been in the news a lot lately because of Apple’s TV announcement and the talk about Google TV as well.

Since this has received a lot of press the last little while I have been doing some homework and currently the technology is just not there yet to replace the Cable guy.  If you watch current running TV shows – no one service will give you what you want.  If you watch a lot of sports – that is just not available at a acceptable level yet.  I wonder who has this content tied up, is it the networks, cable companies protecting their revenue stream – Someone has to be holding the keys because if companies like Amazon, Apple, Google can’t open the doors, who can or is it just more time needed?

Don’t get me wrong companies like Netflix and Hulu have a huge growing market, but not yet really in the main stream of customers.


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