Why aren’t you using – OPEN OFFICE / LibreOffice – FREE Open Source Product

In doing my research for my last post OpenOffice or LibreOffice – Free Office suite – Open Standards which discussed the future of OpenOffice under Oracle – I found some interesting information that you might be interested in.

In my discussions with business and Educators and why they don’t use this great FREE product, they indicate that support is an issue as well as documentation.  I understand these concerns as School District technology people are over worked and can’t afford anything that will increase the work load that is already off the rails.

You really have to look at this a little differently, if you’re using MS Office Suite (Great product) – how much are you paying for this product, how much will it cost you over the life cycle of the product to keep support and upgrades options open.  With all that money you spend, you most likely could hire an outside resource to support this part of your business for much less.

Debunking Myth #1: There Is No Documentation. In the case of OpenOffice, there is in fact substantial free documentation for the suite, and there are free tutorials. You can find documentation for specific versions here. You can also find many free OpenOffice books here. You can also find many useful Flash tutorials here.

Debunking Myth #2: There Is No Support. OpenOffice has a very large community of users, and the Community Support option can be sufficient for many users, but it’s not the only option. Inexpensive consultants offer support for OpenOffice, and there are inexpensive third-party solutions for paid support. OpenLogic is just one of the available providers.



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