OpenOffice or LibreOffice – Free Office suite – Open Standards


I am a very satisfied customer of Open Office at home and have been using it for several years.  A lot of questions were asked a little over a year ago when Oracle purchased Sun and what they may do with the OpenOffice product.  Over this time everything seemed to be moving along, updates coming out about every 4 months or so – Well that might be changing….

Today I believe the future of the FREE OpenOffice might be in question.  When key players leave and create a foundation “The Document Foundation” and have a product available for download in BETA that looks very similar to OpenOffice you have to wonder.  This foundation stands for what the original group stood for, plus the open source community is very loyal and does not like controls and being told what to do.   The press release is available and by the looks of  all the support this group is getting from some big companies, they are well on their way.

If your one of many School Districts using OPEN OFFICE rather than MS Office, you might want to keep watch to see what happens next.  You really have no real concerns today, but if you want product that will continue to grow and evolve  – you might have to consider moving to LibreOffice as I believe this will be the product to have moving forward.  As long as legally they have no issue with Oracle, it being open source product I don’t see how, but you never know.   I would wait and see how it all unfolds over the next few months.

The press release is dated today – so this has been in the works for sometime – the WEB is up and the download available.



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