Microsoft continues INVESTMENT into Education

Education is in the news each day, people and companies are stepping up and trying to do what they can to assist our schools system in this difficult time of finance and controversy over the state of education across the country.

A great quote from Microsoft that is so TRUE:  Why Microsoft cares about education and what we are doing about it

 “At Microsoft, we believe every child has a basic right to an excellent education. The challenges of education are too big for any one institution to fix. We believe it will take a broad range of private and public partnerships to contribute to this effort and Microsoft is committed to doing so. As a business leader, our future is dependent on a competitive workforce, equipped to succeed in the 21st century.”

Among many other items – Microsoft has released a new contest “Our Schools Need”  – Enter your school  –  “Write an essay. Snap some Pictures. Even film a video. Entering is easy!”


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