Net Neutrality Discussion continues….

This is certainly a very touchy subject to a lot of people, debates on both sides.   Individuals want a free and open internet where the service providers and others would like to be able to control bandwidth.  I believe the real intentions of the ISP is making sure a certain level of service (SLA) is available to all customers. (sounds moral)  They want to stop the road hogs and keep the service running  – this type of business has always upset me as a consumer!

– Airlines over selling sits on a plane 

– Hotels over booking rooms

– Car rental companies over booking

– Internet Providers promising a certain level of service and never getting there

This is all bad business and it upsets customers.  One of the main reasons certain industries are disliked so much by everyone that uses them.  The same holds true for the ISP – they need to sell what they have available and not over sell in an area.  They know what bandwidth is required, they have stats – so they need to make sure they don’t oversell – If they have more customers, they need to upgrade the infrastructure to handle that increase, not shut down or slow down people so they can over sell and try to meet the SLA.

Survey Says U.S. Public Doesn’t Support Internet Regulation 

– Fifty-seven percent of likely voters in the U.S. don’t support any Internet regulation by the federal government, according to a new survey released by Broadband for America, an advocacy group with members including AT&T and Verizon Communications.

When I started reading this article I thought something was wrong – everyone I talk to doesn’t want ISP’s playing with speed – yet 57% said they where OK with it.  Well if you read the entire piece, you will find that the real question was never asked.  Yes no body wants government involvement and internet regulations – people feel this will hurt the internet.  Net Neutrality is not about regulating the internet, but regulating the ISP and making sure the internet stays free and open.  I believe if this questions was asked in the survey the numbers would be completely different.  I love the way the ISP’s twists the results and say people don’t want Net Neutrality – when they really said they didn’t want Internet regulations.

What are your thoughts?


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