WIFI Networks – Is your performance less then it was?

With the flood of products that use WiFi being purchased today, it’s really a matter of time before networks need to be modified or upgraded especially if you where one of those people ahead of the curve a few years ago.  With the vast number of new devices combined with the change in use of these devices the toll on most networks is being noticed with slower speeds.

From the simple act of surfing the WEB to band-width hogs of streaming music and videos, things that just a year ago was not mainstream.  This will only get worse (if your managing the WiFi network) as more a more applications come available that require a constant connection.

What are some of the simple things you can look at to hopefully get you some more time before any major upgrades are needed….

6 Ways to Improve Your WiFi Network – Can your wireless network handle the rising tide of mobile devices? Can your company survive shoddy performance? Time to shore up your WiFi by utilizing these tips from Cisco.


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