More sleep and good eat’s MAKE for better Students….

Something I think no parent needs to be told, but it’s easier said then done.  An article was in District Admin about a study done that showed kids that slept an extra half hour and had breakfast where not as tired and paid better attention in class.  Eight hours of sleep and eating a healthy breakfast makes all the difference.

Changing the start time to school is not easily done for many reasons.  Being a parent of two girls – one in HS and the other in grade 8 we have a mandatory bed time that can be flexible on occasion, but not the norm.  Being that my girls start school at or just before 9AM, makes it easier for me then others that might start between 7-8AM or for those needing to take a bus and travel.  My oldest goes to bed by 10 or a little after and ends up with 9hrs of sleep most nights throughout the school week.  Breakfast has never been an issue, we have always stressed it as being very important. 

What can be done, I am not sure other than doing our best and making sure they get as much sleep as possible.

DistrictAdmin Article – “Research shows HS students benefit from later start time” 


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