JUNK – Your new PC needs a cleaning!

You would think – if you get something new, you don’t have to do a major cleaning.  Not true with new PC’s, the manufacture puts so much stuff on your NEW system that the first thing I do is do a cleaning.  I have never really figured out a process and have always done it manually and that is OK for me, but what about all those other people who may not have the skill to do it.

Well I saw an article that suggested a FREE software tool that allows you to remove multiple programs all at once.  I have not tried it yet, but the source is good.

An easy way to decrapify your new PC

Of course the next step once you remove all the JUNK – is make a backup image of your system so that when and if you need to re-image your system – you can use a fresh clean install and not worry about the junk again.

Step by step process with or without using the software above:

Windows 7 Tip of the Week Restore Windows 7 Without the Crapware


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