To OPEN or NOT – New Virus

Opening that email or attachment can lead to mega fustration and lots of downtime as well as hurting others in your contact list.

Yesterday a bunch of very large companies got hit with a new virus, that is not playing nice at all.

Questions you need to ask yourself before you open an email or attachment

1) Do you know the sender
2) If you know the sending – do they normally send emails in this fashion (ie with attachements / general subject topic – “Here You have”)
3) With the current virus – Did you ask for a document to be sent
4) If your not sure “DON’T OPEN IT”
5) If your not sure, but know the sender – call them / email them asking about the email

I am sure I am missing some, if you have any please include and I will create a full list and post it on the BLOG.


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