Kids & WEB Research

I read an article in District Admin and was first surprised, but when I thought it through I really wasn’t.  I have two young teenagers and they have done research on the WEB for assignments and have done the exact thing the article talked about.  

Kids cannot believe everything they see after doing a Google or Bing search, but a lot do and it’s not just kids.  There is a lot of great information on the WEB, but there is just as much and maybe more junk.  I believe there is a much large number of parents that don’t know, then do know about things like this. 

So how do kids learn what information to us and what not too – What to believe and not?  This becomes difficult as Teachers need to understand this as well and stay on top of the changes happening all the time.  This has to come from several fronts to be successful.  Both Parents and Teachers need to educate the kids, companies need to get involved as well.

Take a read of the article if you haven’t already


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